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Links to vendors of products for electronic publishing systems designers and builders. The products are published on two pages. Forward to next product page on virtual reality and web technologies

General resources | Haptic devices | 3D graphics, games, digital video and animation | Motion capture
Communications | Compression: audio, image & video | Copyright | DTV (Digital TV incl. HDTV)
DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) | Electronic commerce (E-Commerce) | Electronic publishing and fonts
Ebooks | Document management | Text retrieval, search engines (text, images, and video), indexing
Groupware/Workflow | Image capture | Image (other) | Intelligent agents, data mining | Java
Multimedia and broadcasting | Multimedia & object oriented databases |
Music | On-line games |
Security (incl. cryptography) | Speech recognition technologies | Videoconferencing

General resources

OmniTree has launched an upgraded version of its web directory. The section on computing software (look under computer software) uses a tree structure to list suppliers under a number of different classifications.

URL: http://www.omnitree.com/

The IBM Global Software Solutions Guide features 36,000 applications, tools, and services developed by IBM Business Partners. Updated continually, the guide offers several ways to find solutions, through indexes based on technologies, industries, market segments, operating systems, platforms, native languages, and countries.

URL: http://www.ibm.com/software/solutions/isv/

Haptic devices

3D graphics, games, digital video and animation

Motion capture

The following sites give links to vendors - they are not vendors of motion capture themselves.

See also Virtual reality


Compression: audio, image, video


DTV (Digital TV incl. HDTV)

DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)

Electronic commerce (E-Commerce)

E-Commerce Platforms
Secure Online Commerce

See also Web shopping malls / store fronts / catalogues

Network payment mechanisms & digital cash
Enterprise E-commerce management

Electronic publishing and fonts (general)

Electronic books
Document management

Full-text retrieval, search engines (text, images and video), indexing


See also Web and Internet conferencing

Image capture

Image (other)

Intelligent agents


Development, general


Multimedia and broadcasting - see also Web multimedia

Authoring general

Multimedia & object oriented databases

On-line games


IPR protection
Digital rights management
System security

XML, SGML, and WML publishing tools

Expect the vendors listed above, currently supplying SGML products to also supply XML products, in addition we have listed below some additional products.

There is a site detailing a complete collection of free XML software. The site is updated continuously as new products and versions appear. In addition there is:

URL: http://www.stud.ifi.uio.no/~larsga/linker/XMLtools.html

XML.com has created a central directory for information about XML-based products. The XML.com Buyer's Guide has been created to enable users to research and compare products. It includes: tools for document authoring, web site management, data management and print production.

URL: http://xml.com/pub/buyersguide/

XML database products list

URL: http://www.rpbourret.com/xml/XMLDatabaseProds.htm

Specific XML and WML tools

Speech recognition technologies


The products are published on two pages.
orward to next product page on virtual reality and web technologies

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