Interactive Electronic Publishing Consultation Meeting

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Interactive Electronic Publishing Consultation Meeting
"Personalising Content"
19 May 2000

Hosted by
The European Commission's Information Society DG (INFSO D1),
under the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme

Aims of the meeting

The IST Programme, KA III (Multimedia Content & Tools) runs consultation meetings to help in developing the KA III work programme for 2001, with particular emphasis on interactive electronic publishing. These consultation meetings involve external advisors along with Commission staff. The European Commission would like to hear from advisors who wish to be involved in this consultation process.

The next consultation meeting scheduled for 19 May 2000, in Luxembourg will cover:

"Personalising content, in applications which include also cultural heritage, education and training."

The Agenda of the meeting is outlined below.


May 19, 2000

09:30 Welcome, Wolfgang Huber, Head of Unit, Information Society DG (INFSO/D1)

09:45 Situation in key action lines III.1.1 - III.1.2, Pascal Jacques, Head of Sector, Information Society DG (INFSO/D1)

10:00 Approach for concertation meeting, Chairperson, Carmel Smith, Usermatics Ltd.

10:10 Personalisation: Market perspective, Jak Boumans, Electronic Media Reporting

10:30 Personalisation: Technology perspective, Prof. Thomas Ritz, University of Stuttgart

10:50 Coffee break

11:00 Personalisation: Mobile and social perspective, incl: Brief demonstration of personalised content in Museums, Prof. Ole Lauridsen, Danish Technical University

11:20 Personalisation: Legal perspective, Jacques Folon, Bird and Bird

11:40 Personalisation: User and usability perspective, Prof. Peter Thomas, UWE Bristol

12:00 Approach and key questions for structured discussion groups, Carmel Smith, Chairperson

12:30 Lunch break

13:30 Structured discussion groups

15:00 Coffee break

15:30 Report-back discussion group conclusions

16:15 Overall conclusions and recommendations, Carmel Smith, Chairperson

16:30 End of Meeting

Attending the meeting

Attendance at the meeting is limited to 60 places, but if you if you would like attend, as an external advisor, please contact Michel Brochard, European Commission's Information Society DG D1, including a note on why you wish to take part and what you would like to contribute.

Please note that attendance at the meetings as an advisor is at your own expense.

URL: registration, Suzanna Georgiou mailto:suzanna.georgiou@cec.eu.int
URL: Michel Brochard mailto:michel.brochard@cec.eu.int
URL: IST Work Programme (KA III) http://www.cordis.lu/ist/bwp_en4.htm
URL: current MMCT project drafts base12.htm

The Event Organisers

The event is organised by the European Commission's Information Society DG (INFSO D1), under the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme.

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