EVA 2001
"Electronic Imaging in the Visual Arts"

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EVA 2001
"Electronic Imaging in the Visual Arts"

26-30 March 2001
Firenze, Italy

Of particular interest:

EVA Florence 2001 "Electronic Imaging and the Visual Arts" was held at the Palazzo Dei Congressi on 26-30 March 2001. The annual event, which included a conference, training sessions and workshops, has established itself as the premier event in the European cultural calendar, providing a unique forum for the user, supplier and scientific research communities to meet and exchange experiences, ideas and plans.

This year, EVA was supported by the European Commission’s EVAN project in association with the Electronic Publishing Information Focal Point (EPIFOCAL) - the publisher's of this web site - and provided up to date information on new EC and international arts computing and telecom initiatives. It included case studies of leading edge applications in museums, galleries, libraries and education, integrated digital archives for cultural heritage and modern art and the impact of new technology in conservation and education to global access.

Further information concerning the event along with details of the conference proceedings are available from the conference web site: http://lci.det.unifi.it/Events/Eva2001/eva2001.htm.

EC Projects Concertation meeting

The EC Projects Concertation Meeting for Interactive Electronic Publishing and Cultural & Scientific Content was attended by over 100 delegates and consisted of a number of brief presentations from projects who have been funded, or are soon to receive funding from the European Commission. We have provided a complete list of the projects that took part along with links to download the presentations made.

If you wish to contact the projects listed, you will find contact details in the presentations, which are available for download via the link as PC-zipped PowerPoint slides.

Chairman: Poliart Claude, DG Information Society, European Commission

Virtual Reality

Socio-economic of Multimedia Content and Tools


Geographic Information Systems


Accompanying measures

Trials and test-beds for digital content authoring and personalising systems

Digital Heritage projects

Exploitation Plans Meeting

Chairman: Pascal Jacques DG Information Society, European Commission

IPR DAY - Secure Asset Management in the Digital World


"Secure Asset Management in the Digital World" was designed to provide valuable, concise and up to date information and advice to organisations embarking on the development of information services. The session was moderated by Chris Barlas of Rightscom Limited and featured presentations and panel discussions on security and watermarking and copyright access and licensing. Chris has been heavily involved with Intellectual Property issues, first as a writer himself and later as the Chairman of the UK authors collecting society ALCS. Under the EC’s ESPRIT, he also managed the IMPRIMATUR project, an international initiative aimed at securing consensus for digital rights training.

Other speakers included representatives of EC funded multimedia projects from countries throughout the Community, who provided valuable insights to the problems and solutions in creating secure, user-friendly environments for access to content.

Chairman: Chris Barlas, Rightscom Limited, UK

PLENARY - The importance of IPR & Security
Keynote address - Online Content Delivery
The experience from the field - Usability is Key

Peter Kumik, Managing Director, Sealed Media, UK
Don't forget the user! Content owners are well aware that they will have a copyright protection problem if they put their valuable content on the Internet. It will be open to unauthorised repurposing and for chargeable content valuable sales will be lost through pass along. It is clear however that in their enthusiasm to protect the interests of rights owners both publishers and technologists have forgotten that they need to provide content in a usable way for their customers. If new systems don't pass the test of being practical, easy to understand and provide for a "fair use" model they will fail.

Peter Kumik will share SealedMedia's experiences implementing Digital Rights Management in the field based on work with a range of content providers.

Download the PowerPoint presentation from: http://www.elpub.org/evaflorence/kumik.zip

PLENARY - Security & Watermarking
IPR Protection using Watermarking Technology
Jean Barda, Netimage, France & MIGRATOR 2000 project

This presentation tackles the problem of IPR protection for digital items going for distribution on networks of all kinds. In order to be able to trace the use as well as the possible misuses of the content, a digital item must be identified uniquely. In order to secure the attachment of the identifier to the content, watermarking is currently the most adapted technique. But it works better with short and fixed size messages. Based on the work done within ISO for still pictures, the author presents a solution with a 64 bits identifier called "License Plate".

The presentation describes the way to deliver a unique identifier for digital items, taking for example still images, then goes through the associated databases to which the identifier is the unique link. It concludes with references to two IST projects where IPR protection is a major concern, one about content creation (MIGRATOR 2000), the other one about certification of watermarking techniques (CERTIMARK).

Download the PowerPoint presentation from: http://www.elpub.org/evaflorence/barda.zip
URL: Migrator http://www.migrator2000.org/

Music Distribution and Protection
Paolo Nesi, Universita degli Studi di Firenze, Italy & WEDELMUSIC Project

An added value of digital distribution and thus of Internet is the possibility of exploiting new functionalities related to the interactivity. Images of music sheets are not interactive and the related costs for using that music for preparing performances in orchestras, in music schools, etc., are comparable to those of using traditional music sheets. Theatres, orchestras, music schools, music distributors, recording studios, blind people, and libraries need interactive music; that is, music that can be manipulated: arranged, transposed, modified, reformatted, printed on Braille, etc.

These are real needs for preparing performances, studying music, analysing music, learning instruments, etc. To this end, WEDELMUSIC model has been defined to allow publishers and consumers exploiting interactive music respecting copyright laws. In this view, important aspects are the protection of music distribution with a safe transaction model, the passive protection of digital objects with suitable encryption tools, the Digital Right Management, and the watermarking of digital objects such as audio files, music sheets, etc.

Download the PowerPoint presentation from: http://www.elpub.org/evaflorence/nesi.zip
URL: WEDELMUSIC http://www.wedelmusic.org/

Video Watermarking
Xiamu Niu, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Germany & BONAFIDE Project

The paper discusses the problems of video watermarking from a video characteristics point of view, and then introduces some solutions of video watermarking.

Download the PowerPoint presentation from: http://www.elpub.org/evaflorence/niu.zip

PLENARY - Access: Copyright, Licensing
Proof of Authorship for Copyright Protection in OPELIX
Markus Schneider, GMD, Germany & OPELIX Project

Producers that create and sell digital information have a high interest to prevent malicious parties selling copies of their work or claiming that they are the true creator. In order to provide the authors of some digital information with undeniable evidences that prove the authorship we propose a timestamp mechanism. This mechanism can be applied even if the good to be protected is simple text in ASCII where no watermarking can be applied. Furthermore we show what can be done to prevent the timestamps from expiration even if certificates have expired, public keys have been revoked or cryptographic primitives are broken. This is necessary if the timestamps should remain valid evidences over a long period, eg. many years.

Download the PowerPoint presentation from: http://www.elpub.org/evaflorence/schneider.zip
URL: OPELIX http://www.opelix.org/

Intellectual Property Rights and Internet
Tarja Koskinen-Olsson, Kopiosto, Finland & INDECS Project

The paper deals with intellectual property rights, mainly copyright, in the network environment. A subtitle of the paper is "E-commerce with cultural goods and related copyright questions including online licensing through VERDI". The presentation first tackles some infrastructure issues for reliable trade in the internet: a need for solid copyright legislation, technical protection measures and rights indentification issues as well as sufficient enforcement possibilities. Online licensing of cultural works is presented through the example of VERDI (Very Extensive Rights Data Information) Project, an INFO2000 Programme multimedia rights clearance project.

Download the PowerPoint presentation from: http://www.elpub.org/evaflorence/olsson.zip

Beyond the Multimedia Database Concept: A Cultural Heritage-Specific Application Server
Stefano Cuomo, Director of R&D, Space Spa, Italy

This paper describes the architecture of a Cultural Heritage Application Servers (CHAS) devised to address the specific needs of CH applications in terms of customisation and flexibility in the delivery of multimedia contents. The CHAS architecture transfers to the CH field the enabling features required by advanced multimedia applications without the complexities and costs associated with object-oriented database engines.

Download the PowerPoint presentation from: http://www.elpub.org/evaflorence/cuomo.zip

Panel Discussion
Making Images Work - creating an equitable market for the visual arts

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