Interactive Electronic Publishing Workshop
on 6th Framework Programme

Tuesday 23 April 2002
UPF (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
"Estació de França" building

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Objectives of the Workshop

The 6th Framework programme should be in place by the end of 2002. Whilst broad debate has occurred on the 6th Framework Programme (FP6) there remains considerable scope to influence the implementation of the EU research programme activities through their specific programmes and annual work plans.

The aim of the Interactive Electronic Publishing Workshop in Barcelona was to gather information, comments and remarks from a broad audience on what issues should be developed, followed up, or further elaborated in the 6FP specific programme. In addition, it offered an ideal opportunity to gain authoritative information on future developments.

The event also served as an opportunity to start the process of creating communities of interest and establishing international networks.

The full report of the meeting is available to download as a Word doc (740K),
presentations are available to download via the links below.

Presentations available for download

Presentations made at the event are available for download via the links on this page. These downloads include PowerPoint slides of the presentations and/or Word and PDF versions of the accompanying papers. This page is being continually updated as and when we receive additional resources to provide as downloads.

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Email: mailto:fp6iepnews@ketlux.demon.co.uk

Workshop programme and presentation download links

Report on Workshop by INFORM Project
Download Word doc
"Introduction to the 6th Framework Programme"
Keynote Presentation, P. Jacques, Head of Sector, IEP, European Commission
Download PowerPoint slides (950K)
Future Scenarios in the Multimedia Industry
Jan Bierhoff, Infonomics and Jean-Claude Burgelman, JRC (MUDIA)
Development of new Regional Digital Value Chains in Europe
Glynn Williams, University College Bangor (TEDIP)
Download PowerPoint slides (96K)
Assessing the social impact of Rich and Mobile Media
Moses A. Boudourides (COMMORG)
Download PowerPoint slides (130K)
Download PDF presentation
FP6 panels - Parallel Sessions  
FP6 panel - Trust and Security including Digital Rights Management
Chair: P. Jacques - European Commission
Keynote Presentations
"Everyone Can Win With DRMs", Thomas Vinje, Managing Partner at the lawfirm Morrison & Foerster
Download PowerPoint slides (160K)
"Standardisation initiatives around Digital Rights Management", Jaime Delgado, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Download PDF presentation
Invited Participant Presentations
"Technical challenges on Trust and Security", Thomas Hertz, media transfer GmbH
Invited Participant Presentations
"Multimedia Music Distribution and Fruition"
, Paolo Nesi, University of Florence
Download PDF presentation
Open Discussion  
FP6 panel - Interfaces/VR
Chair: A. Mc Allister - European Commission
Keynote Presentation
"Interfacing with VR/i3D", Roger Frampton, Cyber-Wizard
Download PowerPoint slides
Invited Participant Presentations
"New user interface technology and the expectations of users", Tom Bosser, Acit
Download PowerPoint slides
Invited Participant Presentations
"Telepresence avatar link", Tim Child, Televirtual Ltd
Download Word doc
Open Discussion  
FP6 panel - Audio/video creation and asset management
Chair: D. Rizzi - European Commission
Keynote Presentation
"Content in context; assets in action", Roberto Minio, CEO KnowledgeView Ltd
Invited Participant Presentation
"Content and knowledge: RTD issues", Geoffrey Stephenson, KET
Download PowerPoint slides 2
Download Word doc
Open Discussion  

Delegate Information Packs

To facilitate focussed debate the Commission will make available to registered delegates pre-information on the FP6 specific programme developments, so that the right people can contribute efficiently to the debate.

Event organisers

The event was organised by the INFORM Project, and managed by Sophie Lafond of MVA. To contact the event organisers please use the email below.

Email: Event organisers mailto:FP6@mva.co.uk

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