Interactive Electronic Publishing Conference
"Multimedia Content & Tools:
Towards Information & Knowledge"

May 30-31, 2002
DTI Conference Centre,
Victoria Street,
London, UK

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Objectives of the Conference

This high profile event was used by the European Commission to both publicise and develop their thinking on how multimedia content and tools will develop prior to the launch of the next EC funding programme, FP6, which will focus on this sector.

Who should attend

It was attended by business development directors, technology directors, technology operatives - all those with an interest in information and knowledge systems and how they may affect their business. It provided detailed background information to all those interested in applying for funding from the European Commission for their work in this area.

FP6 Newsletter

The INFORM project has launched a FREE email newsletter with information about the 6th FP in relation to projects concerned with digital content. The newsletter appears occasionally (once every month or so) - the first issue has been published - and will point to recent information on CORDIS and in other documents, and to meetings relevant to the programme organised by the Commission and other organisations, and projects. If you are interested in receiving this free newsletter please subscribe by sending an email to the address below, with "Subscribe FP6News" in the subject field.

Email: mailto:fp6iepnews@ketlux.demon.co.uk

Draft Programme

Thursday May 30, 2002    

09:00 Registration  
09:30 Chairman's welcome
David Worlock, Chairman, EPS
Why are we here today?
Objectives of the conference and event structure
• Involvement of EPS, the European Commission and DTI
• Housekeeping details
09:45 Conference Introduction
Franco Mastroddi, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission, Information Society DG
Achievements of FP5 projects
• What have we learnt - what are the developing trends?
• Introduction to FP6 - what is it about? Where will it lead us?
Download PowerPoint slides
10:15 Coffee break  

10:45 Session Overview
David Worlock, Chairman, EPS
• What do we mean by 'knowledge lifecycle'?
• What processes are involved?
• Which technologies can be most effective?
• Introduction to session speakers
Download PowerPoint slides
11:00 Where are we now?
Paul Ormerod, Director, Synchroni Ltd
• Where have we got to in terms of multimedia content handling?
• What are the current challenges we are facing?
• Cross-sectoral case studies drawn from both the corporate and public service environments
Download PowerPoint slides
11:30 Knowledge Technologies for the Semantic Web: Reality, Hype, Hopes and Fears
Prof. Nigel Shadbolt, AKT Project, Southampton University
• Review of technologies for knowledge management
• The role of knowledge technologies in the Semantic Web
• The achievements and aspirations of the UK funded Advanced Knowledge Technologies project
Download PowerPoint slides
12:00 Panel Session
David Worlock,
Chairman, EPS
Franco Mastroddi,
Deputy Head of Unit,
European Commission, Information Society DG
, Paul Ormerod, Director, Synchroni Ltd
Nigel Shadbolt,
AKT Project, Southampton University
13:00 Lunch  

14:00 Session overview
Anne Foster, Founder, LaneFoster
• Introduction to the session and speakers
• What are 'interactive digital content technologies'?
• Meeting the demands for content 'any time - anywhere'
Download PowerPoint slides
14:30 Case Study - Project RADICAL
Lizbeth Goodman, Principal Investigator, Project RADICAL
• Introduction to Project RADICAL
• Key issues and lessons learned
• The impact of DAM and the cross-platform delivery of content
15:00 Case Study - KnowledgeBoard, building a community of KM professionals
Ben Heald, Co-Founder and Director of Communities, SIFT
• Introduction to KnowledgeBoard
• Key issues and lessons learned
• Future developments - how will the community develop?
Download PowerPoint slides
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Panel Session
Anne Foster,
Director, LaneFoster,
Lizbeth Goodman,
Principal Investigator, Project RADICAL,
Ben Heald, Director of Communities, SIFT

Friday May 31, 2002    

09:00 Registration  
10:00 Session Overview
Prof. Michael Wilson, Manager of the UK office of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
• The development of the cognitive approach
• The introduction of the semantic network
• The Semantic Web - past, present and future
Download presentation
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10:30 Case Study - the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)
Dr Enrico Motta, Director Knowledge Media Institute
• Introduction to the work of the KMi
• Multimedia content and the learner experience
• Role and strategic impact of knowledge management
• Project ONTOWEB
Download presentation
(Not on El.pub)
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Case Study - IMS
Kevin Riley, Director, European Development IMS Global Learning Consortium
• Introduction to the IMS Global Learning Consortium
• Developing web technologies and their impact on education and learning
• Developing open technical specifications - supporting distributed learning
Download PowerPoint slides
12:00 Panel session and summing up
Prof. Michael Wilson,
Manager of the UK office of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C),
Enrico Motta, Director,
Knowledge Media Institute,
Kevin Riley, Director, European Development, IMS Global Learning Consortium


For more information about the event, send an e-mail or fax to Jo Bingham, Project Manager at EPS.

Email: jo@epsltd.com
Fax: +44 (0)20 7837 8901
Tel: +44 (0)20 7837 3345

About EPS

Electronic Publishing Services (EPS) is the only independent UK-based consultancy and market intelligence company to have concentrated its whole attention specifically on the content industry and the use of electronic media for the dissemination of information. The company has been active in this field since its foundation in 1985. As a result of continued commentary and analysis of changing modes of content usage, EPS has both a deep understanding of the information distribution and revenue generation models in information markets and the breadth of market knowledge to analyse these specific trends in a wider market context.

For further information please visit our web site (http://www.epsltd.com) or contact Jo Bingham, by 'phone on +44 (0)20 7837 3345 or via email at jo@epsltd.com.

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