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This section of the site is no longer being actively updated, however the links are checked from time to time to ensure they are active. It will be re-organised and merged into topics when we have time (15.08.2002)

January 2001


EDMN is a European network of festivals and institutions, which substantially supports and represents contemporary media art and innovative image culture. It is supported by the EU Media programme. The aim of this network is the building of a European structure for the presentation and distribution of media in particular media art productions, which will be presented through the joint platform to an audience beyond the festival. The EUROPEAN MEDIA ART CHANNEL www.edmn.net is the first channel, which informs on the latest tendencies and developments, presents audio-visual works in exciting contexts and therefore becomes an indispensable part of the European media world. EDMN also keeps a list of Video / Media Festivals & other events collected by THE DANISH VIDEO ART DATA BANK. 17/1/01

URL: http://www.edmn.net

Jazz piano online

A new US TV series on Jazz has launched a related web site. The site is highly interactive and includes a virtual piano (in the JAZZ lounge) where you can play along with a backing group and try out jazz versions of 'Mary had a little lamb'. 17/1/01

URL: http://www.pbs.org/jazz/

New survey shows gamers not mainly young males

A new survey of US games players by PC Data shows that the image of players as predominantly males under 25 year old is way off. 45% of players are female and 38% are in the 35-55 age range. In addition to data for the main games markets (consoles and PCs) the study also provides data on the players of free games on the Internet and bundled with PC OSs. A sample of the survey report can be downloaded free from the PCdataonline web site. 17/1/01

URL: http://www.pcdataonline.com/reports/spotlight/Game_Survey_Sample.pdf

Low budget web filming on location

Avi Hoffer tells how a Digital Guerrilla used cheap, mobile videography to produce streaming video content from the Amazon. For $2500 (excluding laptop) he put together a back pack studio and went on safari in South America. Read how it went and view the 5 min movies. 17/1/01

URL: http://www.dv.com/magazine/2000/0700/hoffer0700.html

SGI release digital media source for Linux

SGI, a leading provider of solutions for the digital media industry, recently announced that the source code for its digital media software development kit (dmSDK) for the Linux® operating environment is now available to the open source community. The dmSDK toolkit shortens the time required to create digital media applications across the SGITM product line by allowing SGI software partners to write to a single application programming interface (API). The dmSDK source code is now available for download from SGI's open source developer Web site. 17/1/01

URL: http://www.sgi.com/developers/oss/

Visual Effects archive

Visual Effects Headquarters is an archive of older information (currently 1995-98) on the feature film visual effects industry. The web site has recently been revamped to make it easier to find the information you need. 17/1/01

URL: http://www.vfxhq.com/

Amorphium Pro adds to Flash lineup

Electric Image have announced the launch of Amorphium Pro, a major upgrade to their 3D modelling package. Amorhium Pro combines rich 3D creation tools with the ability to save 3D objects and animations in a Flash format (.SWF), which can then be used independently or imported into Macromedia's Flash application. The new professional version of its real-time 3D sculpting and painting software, was recently voted "Best of Show" when introduced at MacWorld Expo, 2001. 17/1/01

URL: http://www.electricimage.com/

November 2000

Beatles web site.

40 years on, the Beatles have launched an official web site. Flash and QT allow visits to the studio at Abbey Road, photos, some tracks (I feel fine for example, with animation). Worth a visit if you want a nostalgia trip or want to see some good Flash design. Arranged by song from the new "1" album. When you get there click on New feature to hear the track. 29/11/00

URL: http://www.thebeatles.com/ifeelfine/index.html

CakeS and Smoke and Mirrors

CakeS is Unique ID's media asset-tracking solution targetted at the video, post-production, film, and 3D animation industries. CakeS is unique in that the impact of using it in the production facility is minimal, yet it can show users on request any video ever played within the facility. Similar functionality is offered for the film and 3D environments. According to VFXPro, Smoke and Mirrors (part owners of Unique ID) are now offering online services to advertising and production companies using CakeS. 29/11/00

URL: http://www.unique-id.com/public/cakes/
URL: http://www.VFXPro.com/brief/mainv/0,7220,23559,00.html news story

Book: New masters of Flash

New Masters of Flash is both a global showcase and practical tutorial. Nineteen of the planet's most awe-inspiring Flash designers share their influences, ideas and objectives in individual introductory essays. They then take the reader through a step-by-step tutorial explaining in detail how to create in Flash 5 the interfaces, applications and effects that they have made famous. 29/11/00

URL: http://www.friendsofed.com/ctbook_newmasters.html review

Electric December 2000

From 1st December, countdown to Christmas Day with www.electricdecember.org. It works like a traditional advent calendar, open it day-by-day to reveal 24 virtual presents from some of Bristol's finest creative talents - there's games, short film, animation, video, audio and showcases. Bristol is a UK city that hosts amongst other multimedia goups, Aardman Animations, creators of Wallace and Gromit 29/11/00

URL: http://www.electricdecember.org/

Online pets

The demand for the Sony pet robodog, AIBO, seems to have outpaced demand and as a result they have released some virtual AIBOs on their US web site. The system requires the Viewpoint plug-in and the Sony web site has some peculiar characteristics. However, even if you aren't in the US and are unable to register for your own pet, you can play with AIBO and its ball. Perhaps there is a future for Interactive TV? 29/11/00

URL: http://www.us.aibo.com/3d/index.html


Latest Shockwave interaction for game fans is BLiX. Difficult to STOP!!!! Add it to your carousel for Christmas. 29/11/00

URL: http://www.shockwave.com/content/blix/blix.html


Technosphere 3 comes alive

TechnoSphere is a 3D model world inhabited by artificial lifeforms created by WWW users. There are thousands of creatures in the world all competing to survive. They eat, fight, mate and create offspring which evolve and adapt to their environment. When you make a creature it will email you to let you know what it has been getting up to in its world. Using the creature tools you can find out how your creature is surviving, what it is doing at any time, and where it is in the terrain. 16/11/00

URL: http://www.technosphere.org.uk/

Tools to create REAL channels

TableauMedia.com, a new media development company In Los Angeles has developed a SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) Interface with the ability to insert Video Commercials into your interactive streaming presentation including dynamic Live Text, Links, clickable Banner Ads and embedded user Channels all within a FLASH animated "Player". SMIL technology is at the heart of the REAL Networks “Channel” system. What companies needed was a utility to keep their Channels fresh by using a database powered Channel Creation Tool, so Tableau Media created a browser based “SMIL Channel Generator”. This system uses a web browser interface generated from a database of Video Streams, Banners, Commercials and Live Text that allow companies to “Point and Click” to create updated Channel content, with no SMIL knowledge required. The SMIL Channel Generator has the ability to “Push” content from the companies’ existing web site directly into the Channel interface on an hourly, daily or “as needed” basis. User definable automated update routines, or direct insertion of timely content – give companies a ‘low, or no’ maintenance approach to Channel management. The Channel Generator can also render and output an independent “Channel” not attached to REAL’s Channel bar and accessible via an HTTP link from any browser. Television Stations, Cable Channels, Media Repositories, Independent Producers or Destination Sites can now create their own “Media Channel”, which opens the playing field for everyone. 16/11/00

URL: http://www.tableaumedia.com/
URL: http://www.tableaumedia.com/demo.ram

Immersive film

AtomFilms is now showing 360 degree films on their web site. Amy Talkington's 'The New Arrival' is one of the first of a new generation of films shot in 360 surround, so that the viewer can rotate their viewing position and zoom in and out during the action. The technique is expected to make a major contribution to improving sports film on the web. 16/11/00

The universal page

From the start of the new millennium onward, all public content on the World Wide Web has come together for the first time in history to form the single largest collaboration ever known to humankind. This collaboration, known as The Universal Page, is the objective average of all content on the Web merged together as a one. Internet citizens are invited to join together to witness the consummation of global collectivity. 3/11/00

URL: http://www.universalpage.org/

The visual assistant - visualisation for the theatre

The HaMLET project has produced a visualisation system for the theatre. The concept is described in the paper "Creative practices and the design of virtual environments". The software is available for download. 3/11/00

URL: http://www.esad.plym.ac.uk/va/papers/2001.html
URL: http://www.esad.plym.ac.uk/va/ downloads (MAC and PC beta)

Growing support for 3D Shockwave.

The 3D authoring companies are progressively announcing support for the 3D Shockwave player being developed by Macromedia and Intel. Amongst the companies that have announced support are Maxon, NewTek, Alias¦Wavefront, SofImage and Discreet. (Search on 3D). The Intel Internet 3D Graphics technology, developed by Intel's Architecture Lab, utilizes Adaptive 3D Geometry, a set of dynamic algorithms that enable 3D content to have multiple resolutions, automatically increasing or decreasing 3D quality based on the computing power of each user's system, offering the best experience possible. The Intel technology also enables content providers to create smooth, photo-realistic surfaces, cartoon rendering and effects that include elements such as smoke, fire, water, and vapor.3/11/00

URL: http://www.macromedia.com/

Playlist technology - Open Radio Archive Network Group

Database archive of sound clips. Not exactly Napster. Playlists are an area of commercial new media that will need a lot of new ideas as broadband becomes available to consumers. This site is an example of imaginative playlist interface as well as creative sound art. 3/11/00

URL: http://orang.orang.org/

Walker Art Centre: Sonicflux

Sonicflux, a series of online explorations into the ideas of artists and composers of our time. The first installation investigates the ideas of Steve Reich, a contemporary composer with a history of presentation with the Walker Art Center. You can create your own minimalist work online. 3/11/00

URL: http://www.walkerart.org/pa/sonicflux/

September 2000

Linux games console

Startup Indrema and Red Hat are developing a games console and Internet connector in competition with the big boys like Sega and Sony. "Out of the box, you can hook it up and begin playing unbelievably realistic 3D games, browsing the Net at high speed, or just enjoying personal TV or MP3 favorites.", they say. Due for launch in 2001. 20/9/00

URL: http://www.indrema.com/

PAVU make-over

Winter has come early to pavu who have produced an Hiver 2000 edition of their Internet art web site. The site offers IRC meetings on three dates in September and October (one already happened) and lots of links and art. Quadrant-X is another pavu related site? An in depth look at the site reveals that pavu stands for Popular Arts Value Upgrade. Mainly in French. 20/9/00

URL: http://www.pavu.com/
URL: http://quadrant-x.net/


SMAAC is the Streaming Media Advertising Advisory Council, a group of advertising professionals helping to shape the landscape of streaming media advertising. Members represent a cross-section of advertising disciplines, including corporate marketers, interactive ad agencies, and traditional ad agencies. Since streaming media is a unique category in advertising in that it converges the broadcast medium with the Internet, a framework needs to be created that considers both online and offline advertising practices. 20/9/00

URL: http://www.smaac.net/

I-skin, avatars from artists

The i-skin project, "virtual corporality", conceived and realised by the fashion designer CRSTOF, the architect, Naziha Mestaoui and the Laboratory for Architecture and Urbanism LAB[au] in the scope of Avignon 2000 exhibition , investigates the themes of Beauty and Body Transformation by confronting them with the emergence and the social implications of modern communication and information technologies. By proposing an experience binding reality to virtuality through the vector of an "avatar", the installation underlines the questions relating to the perception, the representation and the extension of the individual in electronic space. See more at Avignon until 1st October, La Beaute expo, or at the web site. “I-Skin” is Brussels-based LAB[AU]’s most recent exploit with NeMo software. 20/9/00

URL: http://www.i-skin.org/
URL: http://www.2000enfrance.com/sites/beaute/ Avignon
URL: http://www.next-url.com/ NeMo

Eveos - wannabe a film director?

Eveo has set about developing a new form: the eveo - personal, engaging, short videos that convey unique creative visions from independent filmmakers all over the world. Eveo empowers people to create the kind of entertainment they want to see-be it sports, travel, music videos, documentaries, or short fiction - forming an online mosaic of the human experience. Eveo's staff of seasoned entertainment and technology professionals will syndicate the best of this user-generated video for use over the Web and through traditional media. 5/9/00

URL: http://www.eveo.com

Links on digital art history

The Thirtieth International Congress of the History of Art is being held in London 2-8 September 2000. Digital art history time is a section of the Conference and the web site has some papers and all abstracts, whcih include a lot of interesting links to all sorts of digital art history resources. 5/9/00

URL: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/Units/arthist/CIHA2000/
URL: http://www.unites.uqam.ca/AHWA/Meetings/2000.CIHA/ digital art history section


A news article from LA weekly on the flight from film to web (and off the edge) in Hollywood. 5/9/00

URL: http://www.laweekly.com/ink/00/40/cyber-heyman.shtml

August 2000

TV style games on cable and web

Uproar.com, will provide interactive games and game shows for play on Telewest's Active Digital interactive digital television network in the UK. Uproar offers games and game shows such as Family Feud, Puzzle A-Go-Go, Trivia Blitz and Blowout Bingo, with chances to win prizes. With approximately 8.3 million registered users and 5.8 million unique users per month, Uproar ranks among the top 50 Web properties and reaches 7.6 percent of the online audience. The uproar.com network has consistently ranked among the five stickiest networks on the Internet. More than 41,000 sites are Uproar syndicate members and Uproar sites are available in 14 languages worldwide. 25/08/00

URL: http://w.uproar.com/html/corporate/

Need a sound effect?

Findsounds.com is the search engine for finding sound effects on the Web. Animals, shots, rain, hammers, you name it, they will find a file with the sound. You can even do a 'sounds-like' search. 25/08/00

URL: http://www.findsounds.com/

Dont like dolphins?

The latest shockwave game, Torpedo Joe, lets you expend your energy on Mermaids and dolphins. Introduce explosives to the ecosystem. If you want to play offline download ShockMachine. 25/08/00

URL: http://www.shockwave.com/bin/shockwave/entry.jsp?content=joe15

Bit by Bit web art competition

Bit by Bit is a digital art exhibition and competition that will exist both on the web and in a 'real' gallery in Maintou Springs, Colorado USA. Entries can be static, dynamic or interactive digital art. The competition will accept entries up to the 15th September. Entry instructions on the web site. 25/08/00

URL: http://www.bitbybitdigital.org/

Angry Kid from Aardman Animations (Wallace and Gromit)

Atom Films is showing a series of shorts from Wallace and Gromit creators Aardman animations, around a new character, Angry Kid. The first episodes of Angry Kid are only available to watch via the Internet. This is the first time that a major production house has launched a new series exclusively on the web. 18.08.00

URL: http://www.atomfilms.com/

Charmed clothing

Charmed, an MIT Media Lab spin-off, is running a series of 'fashion' shows around the world in conjunction with Internet World events. The models exhibit wearable computing, both projected and currently available items. The web site has a series of videos of shows. 18.08.00

URL: http://www.charmed.com/

ASPs appear for publishing

Application service providers are anew and rapidly growing part of the online market. They offer the ability to use software and related services remotely. Mainly in the finance, ERP and related markets so far, they are now appearing in publishing. Onflow is an ASP offering the creation and hosting of full screen interactive animations for advertising. The user can create ads with the online authoring tools and then access them from the Onflow server. Tellsoft, is an ASP that is testing online presentations. They are beta testing a service for hosting online slide presentations with a chat facility. The demo shows that users can upload slides, circulate a URL to clients and give the presentation using thir telephone for realtime audio input. 09/08/00

URL: http://www.onflow.com/
URL: http://www.tellsoft.com/

Mojos will pay you for content

A new distributed content distribution system is being developed along the lines of Napster and Gnutella. The difference is it pays people to upload content - in Mojos. This is one of a new wave of peer-to-peer applications that could significantly change the web. 09/08/00

URL: http://www.mojonation.net/

Media100i interactive streaming video

Media 100 has introduced a production system for the creation of interactive streaming video. Media 100i has the ability of synchronise other events on a web page such as opening URLs, triggering text and graphics, launching animations and more. 2/08/00

URL: http://www.media100.com/

e-picture wins at MacWorld

Beatware, Inc. has again captured the Best of Show crown for e-Picture Pro™, the company’s flagship authoring solution for web animated graphics and video. One of the strengths of e-Picture Pro is its ability to integrate all electronic forms of media into a single application. This powerful tool can combine bit-mapped images, vector-based drawings, 3D objects, 3D text and video media, for producing a wide range of professional animated media output including Macromedia® Flash™ and all major video formats. 2/08/00

URL: http://www.beatware.com/newwebsite/beatware2000/index.html

Experience Music Project goes live

Paul Allen's interactive museum of rock'n roll has now opened in Seattle and the web site has grown to include a complete coverage of all the exhibits. There is a lot of music and film to experience and a broadband connection is needed to get the most out of the site. However, if you like pop you can spend all day listening to clips and reading about the artists. 2/08/00

URL: http://www.emplive.com/

3D movies on screen

3D glasses of various sorts seem to be back. Belgian movie maker nWave have 3D Mania - Encounter in the Third Dimension showing at some IMAX cinemas with a new Danish technology ColorCode 3·D® that uses amber / blue glasses. nWave also produce QT movies with a plug-in from Dynamic Digital Depth that uses the older red / blue glasses. The ColorCode movie will be released on DVD, the DDD movies can be downloaded. 2/08/00

URL: http://www.nwave.com/
URL: http://www.colorcode3d.com/
URL: http://www.ddd.com/index.html

Animation workflow - VROOM

VROOM is a software environment for manipulating large volumes of animation, for creating and managing motion libraries, and for reusing existing motion assets. Vroom comes from Tools in Motion who produce tools for animating with motion capture data. 2/08/00

URL: http://www.toolsinmotion.com/

July 2000

Bach and fairies

As 2000 is the 250th anniversary of Bach's death you may like to listen to his Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue whilst viewing one of Dadd's fairy paintings. This mixture is brought to you by Magellan's Log, a Texan art and literature e-zine. 24/07/00

URL: http://texaschapbookpress.com/magellanslog17/daddfairy.htm

Online lectures from Berkeley

The Berkeley Internet Broadcasting System provides online access to lectures through M-bone, but also provides an archive using RealMedia Format. Series relevant to this CT area include Special Topics in Visual Studies: Digital Video and the Berkeley Multimedia, Interfaces, and Graphics Seminars whicj included in the last term a lecture on Integrating Timing into XML Documents given on April 26, 2000 by Patrick Schmitz from Microsoft. 24/07/00

URL: http://media2.bmrc.berkeley.edu/bibs/archive.cfm?prog=1&group=16

Sega in new business model

In Japan, Sega has announced an agreement with movie makers Omega Pictures and Suncent CinemaWorks to screen their works on game machines in its Japanese Net@ arcades. The films will be free although the players pay about $6 per 30 minutes play. Players can watch a variety of entertainment and take part in games with players in other arcades. The arcades are interconnected in a broadband network. 24/07/00

URL: http://www.neta.sega.co.jp/project.htm
URL: http://www.screendaily.com/index.pl?2042

FMC to offer online digital media training with QT

Future Media Concepts is a new QuickTime TV channel that trains digital media artists in web design, digital video, TV and film editing, 3D animation, and graphic design. At present the only online course is for Apple Final Cut Pro, but many of their other classroom courses will be offered soon. 24/07/00

URL: http://www.fmctraining.com/OnlineIntro.htm
URL: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/qtv/learning/

Shockwave single supports Poke'mon launch

12-year-old Alysha Antonio won the first Tonos.com vocal competition and recorded a track for the upcoming motion picture, Poke'mon The Movie 2000. 24/07/00

URL: http://www.shockwave.com/bin/shockwave/entry.jsp?content=dreams

WAP!!! see it on a PC!!!!

ARTnewsroom.com has launched the first ever wireless art site. 18/07/00

URL: http://ARTnewsroom.com/ARTwapper.html

Discreet launches Combustion for MAC & NT

Discreet, a division of Autodesk, Inc., announced a significant milestone in the company's history with the launch of combustion at NAB in April, Discreet's newest visual effects product. The Macintosh® and Windows® NT-based system offers a single, unified paint, animation and 3D-compositing environment for visual effects creation. combustion* features Academy® Award-winning technology from inferno and an extremely fast caching architecture for igniting the desktops and creative imaginations of digital visual effects artists worldwide. 18/07/00

URL: http://www.discreet.com/

Maya Paint Effects for After Effects

Alias Wavefront recently announced plans to make Paint Effects available as a plug-in, not just for Maya Fusion but for Adobe After Effects. The Maya Paint Effects plug-in enables you to apply detailed paint strokes of plants, fibers, glows, water, metal, natural media and more along a mask, bezier path or motion path. With this unique paint plug-in, artists can quickly create and animate the most complex organic and painterly detail in two and three-dimensional brush modes. The range of possibilities are illustrated in the screensaver that cna be downloaded form the Alias web site. The plug-in will be released during the summer. 18/07/00

URL: http://www.aliaswavefront.com/entertainment/downloads/pe_plugin/

May 2000

Avid to release ePublisher

“With the coming of advanced streaming technology and high performance, broadband networks, we’re going to see an explosion in the use of video on the Web as a way to communicate more effectively,” said Paul Henderson, vice president of New Media Business Development at Avid. “New media producers want to use video to enhance existing Web content and, even more significantly, to use interactive information, graphics, and commerce to enhance the traditionally passive video experience. Avid ePublisher, with its breakthrough Link & SyncTM feature, for the first time will let new media creators rather than programmers create Web content that combines both video and information into a single interactive experience. We call this creating ‘Video the Web Way™’.” The demo on their web site is the best example of the technology. The product should ship in the US soon and elsewhere in the second half of 2000. However the real question is whether the bandwidth to make these new technologies deliver, will be available soon. 17/05/00

URL: http://www.avid.com/


New from Dreamlight, NineOh is the world's first Autiton, intelligent interactive character. You can see and listen to him (her? it?) at the Dreamlight web site. The site has numerous examples of their work and analysis of how projects were created. 17/05/00

URL: http://www.dreamlight.com/

Pessimistic view of academic MM journals

The latest edition of The Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer-Enhanced Learning (Vol 2 number 1 May 2000) includes a pre-print of a paper for EDMEDIA 2000, The State of the Art in Interactive Multimedia Journals for Academia by Jennifer Burg, Yue-Ling Wong, Ching-Wan Yip, and Anne Boyle of Wake Forest University. The paper presents a bleak view of the present "Nearly all journals that describe themselves as "multimedia" have only tables, graphs, and pictures, and the term interactive generally implies the ability to post comments to authors on a bulletin board, the availability of email popup windows, the use of hyperlinks to related subjects, and occasionally the linking of footnote numbers to the footnotes at the end of the paper.". However the authors hope that increased bandwidth and growing experience with the medium will lead to a rosier future. 17/05/00

URL: http://imej.wfu.edu/

Signwave Autoshop (product - sort of)

Looks fun, they say "Autoshop is the culmination of over a year's work on many autonomous, A.I., generative and 'creative' studies. It brings together many important aspects of research regarding creativity, perception, notions of value and/or authenticity. As well as providing a central focal point for a 'generative' multi-media system, it is parodying interface design and (both traditional and new media) software development. Autoshop takes the clean-cut, productive interface of a well-known commercial software product (Adobe® Photoshop® in case you hadn't noticed) and imbues it with ideas of self-generative, autonomous, (creative?) influence and activity. Autoshop is capable of being both a tool for generating digital images under (variable) human control, and a play-pen for artificial/digital lifeforms, A.I. bots, and pseudo-chaos systems. The output is entertaining, startling and thoroughly usable." Only available for Mac. 11th May

URL: http://www.sidestream.org/products/autoshop/

More from Plymouth (see CAiiA-STAR in the CT Gallery)

They say: "We've so called 'soft launched' the site in an incomplete state though functional while waiting for the extra depths of THREE.OH The main sections 'interviews', 'kingdom', 'gallery' and 'station' are in progress. For now, hope you enjoy- and get something out of it. Netscape users will experience bugs. We're working on them. Use IE! ". Lots of links to interesting interactivity. 11th May

URL: http://www.threeoh.com

Creative workshop at ACM Multimedia 2000 (30 Oct - 3 Nov LA)

Bridging the Gap: Bringing Together New Media Artists and Multimedia Technologists

Are you an artist who uses multimedia technology in your work? Are you a technologist who builds multimedia systems or applications? Or do you straddle the line between art and technology? Too often, the builders of multimedia technology do not have an opportunity to meet the users of their technology and media artists do not have an opportunity to meet the builders of the technology they utilize. The goal of this workshop is to bring together these two diverse groups of people, with a focus on new media artists and designers of multimedia technologies. Presenters will be drawn from a variety of backgrounds, including academia, arts, industry, and research. The workshop will provide an opportunity for potential collaborators in the field of multimedia applications to present their work, network, and begin a dialogue around the underlying creative and technical synergies. Another goal of the workshop is to explore further the connections between industry, research and art and how they can be enhanced. Organizers: Marah Rosenberg, Michael Vernick, Lucent Bell Labs James Mahoney, Toonedin, Inc. 11th May

URL: http://www.lucentcache.com/workshop.html

Kill the system and Evil Mirror looking for content

New e-zine "Kill the system" is looking for interactive digital art submissions. Web art site Evil Mirror and Evil Films will showcase narrative, experimental, and abstract art in a pure digital format.11th May

URL: http://www.killthesystem.com/
URL: http://www.evilmirror.com/

April 2000

Adobe LiveMotion beta

Open source D&D?

Everquest release in Europe

FoToZ photographer inerviews

March 2000

NEXUS arts debate

Papers on games and related subjects


Digital lit e-zine

Doom as a tool for system administration

SRI predict web future for new games consoles

Now the E-jukebox

Stanlee Media web site opens Feb 29

Monkeywrench 3D design training

Videoconferencing goes live

The 10th Kingdom from NBC

Hypertext and cyberpoetry e-zine

February 2000

USC interactive art museum - Fisher Gallery interactive art exhibition

Major new US IPR study

Barcelona to be European sci-fi capital?

Museum of Modern Art NY

Experience music project"dynamic interactive music museum

"..audience of painted Q-Tips that fill ..."

US West Coast - French artistic cooperation

Sarai - India New Media Venture

January 2000

New (ish) UK culture site - CONSUME

Live performance streaming

Character animation for choreography and other uses

Inhabited TV

Adding sensors to MIDI

Meridian (e-zine) explores sound and text

Sumatra completes commercial project in beta

Importing mocap from Amsterdam based Motek

December 1999

3D VR games league

Pixologic release Z-brush

New arts e-zine

Metal and Flesh: The Digital Anamorphosis of the Universe

Artpress - special Internet art number

Need storyboard software?

Puppettime Windows launch nears?

Macromedia updates

Open air in London

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