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Users, Applications & Projects
01 3D Has a Role in Ballet
02 Dancing Beyond Boundaries in Florida
03 Pre-Release Screening of Immersive 3D Adventure Film
04 E&S to Power Virtuarium
05 Ubi Soft Standardizes on Tools
06 Walk Through Hospital
07 Developing Healthcare Equipment in Hong Kong
08 Time-to-Market Cut in Half
09 WDS to Accelerate and Simplify Product Design and Purchasing
10 Reduce Purchase Decisions from Days to Minutes
11 Architects Make Better and More Integrated Use of 3D
12 Renault: Virtual Prototyping Engine Acoustics
13 We Think You Will Want to Help

VREfresh Quote of the Issue
14 Scott Crump, chairman and ceo for Stratasys

Products & Services
15 Industrial "Plug'n'play" 3D Display (European IST Prize Winner)
16 Don't Confuse Parked Cars with...
17 MaxBustion Training
18 Coming Soon: New Version of Automatic Tracking Software
19 3D Assistants EZ for Adobe After Effects
20 Rapid Prototyping Service Bureaus
21 Structural Optimization Software

Companies & Markets
22 InterSense & Eon Reality
23 2,000 Packages of Geomagic Studio 5 & Qualify 5 Shipped
24 E&S to Cut Staff
25 Superscape Losses & Lower Turnover

26 VIZTEK: Mr Thomas Stasik
27 VRCO: Mike Grow Joins as Jim Costigan Leaves
28 New Business Unit Led by Jonathan Cobb

29 Khronos Group Membership Swells

Worth Watching
30 Holographic Data Storage
31 Kent State University & HP Trading Floor

Events & Calls for Papers
32 Technology and Professional Solutions for the Creative Arts..... NEW!

225.01 3D Has a Role in Ballet

Montréal, Canada based ballet troupe La La La Human Steps used Kaydara ONLINE real-time 3D production system to animate 3D dancers in Amelia, its latest contemporary ballet production. Kaydara worked in collaboration with La La La Human Steps artistic director and choreographer Édouard Lock to integrate 3D ballet dancers, movement, music, lighting and graphics into an innovative visual backdrop that is used throughout "Amelia." Amelia begins with a 3D ballerina rendered live in Kaydara ONLINE and projected onto a 14-foot screen suspended above the stage. The audience's attention is drawn to the ballerina suspended against a black background; 3D camera work and lighting done on the scene alternate light and shadow across her face as she begins to dance. The actual ballerina (on whom the model was based) then moves on stage, and the live part of the show begins. At several points throughout the production, the screen re-appears, with one of five different ballerina models dancing and floating in the background.

InSpeck, a scanning technology company located in Montréal, created the ballerina models by digitizing their bodies with one of its 3D full body systems. The heads and hands of all five ballerinas were captured with InSpeck's high-resolution head and hand systems. InSpeck then used EM, its 3D editing and modeling software, to put the pieces together to create five high-resolution 3D ballerina models. Approximately ten minutes of animation for the piece was captured directly from the actual ballerinas using a Vicon motion capture system and Immersion Systems gloves. This data was assembled into Kaydara ONLINE, which includes a suite of interactive animation and rendering tools that enabled the show technical directors to control both animation and playback in real-time. Realities, 3D animators from Montréal, also collaborated on the creative process for the virtual ballerinas.

URL: http://www.kaydara.com
URL: http://www.inspeck.com

225.02 Dancing Beyond Boundaries in Florida

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, The University of Florida have commissioned Trimension, the Visualization team at SEOS, to design and build a 50-seat Research, Education and Visualization Environment (REVE) in the historic Norman Gym building of the Gainesville campus. The immersive classroom/theater, which boasts a 51ft screen and 18ft ceilings, will initially be used to display an original visualization of the 150 year evolution of the University, created by upper-division students in the Digital Arts and Sciences (DAS) program. Subsequent usage of the REVE will include rich-media teaching, research and distributed collaboration over the high-speed Internet2 network. SEOS has now been commissioned to supply a combination of single chip and 3 chip DLP projectors providing a fully immersive image over the entire screen. A 3 pipe SGI Onyx 2 and multiple additional image sources will power the system. The system also includes a 5:1 audio system, full media switching through an advanced combination of matrix switch and control system capabilities and a ScorpionRT system.

The REVE will also be used to show 'Dancing Beyond Boundaries' (DBB), a live collaboration between artists, engineers, computer scientists and video producers from Universities in Brazil, Minnesota, Denver and Florida. DBB, an international project spearheaded by the University's Digital Worlds Institute, won the award for "Most Courageous and Creative" use of the high-speed network at the global SuperComputing conference in 2001.

URL: http://www.seos.com

225.03 Pre-Release Screening of Immersive 3D Adventure Film

StereoGraphics and Christie Digital Systems teamed-up for an exclusive pre-release screening of the new immersive 3D adventure, Ghosts of the Abyss. StereoGraphics worked with Academy Award winning director and master storyteller James Cameron and Walt Disney pictures to arrange the screening. The movie, scheduled for release on April 11th, 2003, journeys back to the site of James Cameron's greatest inspiration -- the legendary wreck of the Titanic. The companies are using the Christie 3D Cinema Server to show excerpts from Ghosts of the Abyss. The Server is comprises a Sun Microsystems workstation and graphical user interface developed by StereoGraphics. It is claimed to be the world's first stereoscopic server designed for 3D content display.

It is aimed at 3D entertainment owners and operators because of ease of operation and little maintenance. The 3D Cinema Server and a Mirage projector can show 3D content with polarizing glasses using StereoGraphics Projection ZScreen for large audiences. The image quality of this approach matches that of the current system used in theme parks all over the world. StereoGraphics' CrystalEyes can also be used in conjunction with the StereoGraphics theater emitter for smaller audiences.

URL: http://www.stereographics.com/
URL: http://www.christiedigital.com

225.04 E&S to Power Virtuarium

E&S Digistar 3, the digital product for domed theaters, will power the Virtuarium from GOTO Optical Manufacturing Co, Japan's largest manufacturer of optical projection systems for digital imaging and domed theaters. The Virtuarium is GOTO's digital imaging and projection system. Under the terms of this agreement, Digistar 3 will replace the SGI system that was used in the first-generation Virtuarium product. The company has also purchased a Digistar 3 for use in the GOTO demonstration theater located in Tokyo. GOTO will add custom features to Digistar 3 for its Asian clients, such as regional user interfaces and interactive software. In addition to Digistar 3, E&S has signed an agreement to provide GOTO with show content, including the new Universe, and Japanese distribution rights for The Future is Wild.

URL: http://www.goto.co.jp/index-e.html
URL: http://www.es.com

225.05 Ubi Soft Standardizes on Tools

Ubi Soft Entertainment, one of the world's largest video game publishers, has standardized their animation, modeling and rendering tools based on Discreet's 3D technology solutions. Ubi Soft has agreed to upgrade existing licenses as part of its game development program to utilize Discreet 3ds max software throughout its European development studios, which encompasses over 200 animation software licenses.

URL: http://ubi.com
URL: http://wwwdiscreet.com

225.06 Walk Through Hospital

Octaga AS of Oslo Norway, producer of Octagon Player (VRML,MPEG-4, X3D), has delivered a detailed walkthrough model of a clinic within Trondheim's new St. Olavs Hospital. The animated paths take users through 31 000 square meters, six floors, inside and outside using the layer-based optimization technology unique to Octagon Player. The interactive tour last for 18 minutes. The architectural model is used in functional analysis of the new building.

URL: http://www.octaga.com

225.07 Developing Healthcare Equipment in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's largest school of nursing is using 3D CAD and COSMOSFloWorks fluid analysis applications to develop equipment for testing blood sugar levels over a Telehealth System that links remote areas with the school's satellite health station. Students and researchers at the School of Nursing use the software to design and test a blood glucose meter that sends information from remote sites to the university via telephone lines or the Internet. The meter, which was developed as part of a graduate research project, will be one of the diagnostic tools in the Telehealth System developed by the School of Nursing and its parent institution, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Designers model the blood meter's enclosure then simulate the flow of blood through the enclosure with COSMOSFloWorks - enabling the School to test and refine several different designs before committing to expensive physical prototyping, keeping costs down and speeding the design process. SolidWorks reseller Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Limited in Hong Kong worked with the School to deploy SolidWorks and COSMOSFloWorks.

URL: http://www.ict.com.hk
URL: http://www.solidworks.com

225.08 Time-to-Market Cut in Half

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based manufacturer Coil Master Sdn Bhd, has reported that using Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical design software has decreased by half the time-to-market for its new machines. This achievement helped the company meet one of its key business objectives outlined in 2001 -- to help control costs in the declining economic environment. By developing more innovative machines faster and less expensively, Coil Master also hopes to increase its Asian market share beyond the current 10 percent. Coil Master specializes in the design, fabrication, and assembly of mosquito coil making machines for the Asian market. These coils emit a slow burning mosquito repellant and are widely used in warmer climates. They are more popular in areas where mosquito-transmitted diseases like Malaria are present.

URL: http://www.autodesk.com

225.09 WDS to Accelerate and Simplify Product Design and Purchasing

WDS Ltd has selected the SolidWorks 3D PartStream.NET service to accelerate and simplify the product design and parts purchasing processes for its customers. WDS is a European market leader in standard parts and production equipment for manufacturers. It supplies more than 10,000 standard parts - such as clamps, screws, knobs, hinges, and wheels - for use in the design and manufacture of jigs, fixtures, special tooling, and consumer products. WDS's Web-based parts catalog relies on 3D PartStream.NET to let customers interactively view any of the 10,000-plus catalog items from all angles and instantly download 3D models in their preferred computer-aided design (CAD) format.

"We're not dictating CAD file format to the customer," said Peter Heselton, marketing manager for WDS. "We're packaging drawings and models in the format our customers want, and we're completely eliminating their need to recreate designs in their own CAD tools just to see how the part will function. Since we've done all the hard work for the customer, we've reduced a typical three-day re-design time to three minutes. Our extremely busy fourth quarter confirms that our customers - both existing and new - are truly benefiting." Authorized SolidWorks reseller NT CADCAM helped WDS launch the site. NT CADCAM built 3D models in SolidWorks, migrated them to 3D PartStream.NET, and built all back-office support. The company also provides WDS with ongoing software support and training.

URL: http://www.wdsltd.co.uk
URL: http://www.ntcadcam.co.uk
URL: http://www.solidworks.com

225.10 Reduce Purchase Decisions from Days to Minutes

PCB connector manufacturer Samtec Inc is using SolidWorks 3D PartStream.NET service to reduce purchasing decision times from days to minutes. 3D PartStream.NET provides Samtec with access to CAD models of parts that customers can download into their designs to see how they will fit and operate in products such as computers, telecommunications equipment, test and diagnostic equipment, medical devices, etc. Cisco Systems, Inc., Palm, Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, and many others use Samtec connectors in their products. Samtec's 3D PartStream.NET-powered catalog allows customers to find a CAD file of the part they need and download it in the format of their choice so they can ensure the part will work properly in their design.

URL: http://www.solidworks.com
URL: http://www.3dcontentcentral.com
URL: http://www.samtec.com

225.11 Architects Make Better and More Integrated Use of 3D

Johnson Bailey Henderson McNeel (JBHM), an award-winning architectural firm serving the southeastern United States, has purchased 27 licenses of Autodesk Revit building information modeling software for use companywide. JBHM expects to improve coordination among its five offices, make better and more integrated use of 3D visualization, and enhance its facility management services to provide top quality work for its clients. ALACAD, an Autodesk reseller, provided JBHM with information on Revit and the training services offered by Autodesk. "Software should be intelligent enough to take a lot of the redundant, mindless tasks out of your workflow, and let you worry about the important things," said Richard McNeel, AIA, vice president of JBHM. "Building information modeling lets us focus on solving real design problems."

URL: http://www.alacad.com
URL: http://www.autodesk.com

225.12 Renault: Virtual Prototyping Engine Acoustics

Renault is investing in a multiple installation of LMS Virtual.Lab virtual prototyping software for engine acoustics to support their powertrain and vehicle engineering activities. Renault is implementing LMS acoustic simulation technologies in their mainstream development process to increase the efficiency of acoustic modeling and computation procedures and reduce the time and cost of their design processes. Creating an acoustic mesh starting from a structural model used to be a lengthy, manual process. LMS Virtual.Lab applies a new meshing method. It "wraps" a structural FE model and reduces the amount of detail to the level needed for the acoustic simulation. The smaller size of the model means that acoustic calculations are faster than before, and that more designs can be evaluated.

URL: http://www.lms.be

225.13 We Think You Will Want to Help

VREfresh reader Margaret Corbit at Cornell University, New York, USA is working with college students and high school teens making virtual worlds for science, math, and technology education. Margaret has reached the point where she needs to find some sponsorship for projects focused on using Active Worlds for Windows computers. Please take a look at the web sites - we hope you'll be able to assist.

URL: http://www.scicentr.org
URL: http://www.tc.cornell.edu/~corbitm/

225.14 VREfresh Quote of the Issue

"There are more than two million 3D solid CAD engineering 'seats' now operating globally, but only 10,000 rapid prototyping systems in the field. With many designers now recognizing 3D printing as an essential extension to their CAD systems due to its cost effective price point, we believe that a substantial market exists..." - Scott Crump, chairman and chief executive officer for Stratasys.

225.15 Industrial "Plug'n'play" 3D Display

SeeReal Technologies GmbH launched the SeeReal "C" display at CeBIT. It is a high-end industrial plug-and-play 3D display for the professional market. Because of its large 3D "sweet spot" users can move freely without loosing the 3D experience and do not need to wear special glasses. Professional users in medicine, research and CAD/CAM high-end markets are increasing work efficiency and developing new processes on the basis of the display. It runs with most professional 3D applications. "The 3D display is the missing piece for the complete 3D workstation. Today high quality 3D software, 3D graphic cards, 3D scanners and even 3D printers are commonplace equipment in modern development and construction departments", says Lars Povelsen, CEO of the Dresden, Germany based company. SeeReal was Winner of the 2002 European IST prize.

URL: http://www.seereal.com

225.16 Don't Confuse Parked Cars with...

ArchVision has announced the availability of RPC (Rich Photorealistic Content) Parking Lot Cars, a collection of 16 cars that make filling a rendering's empty parking lot easier for design visualization professionals. Not to be confused with the other RPC Automobile volumes, which are designed for users who need a lot of extra functionality such as a built-in spline tool or the ability to steer the tires, RPC Parking Lot Cars fill a different need - populating parking lots with good looking, realistic cars in minutes. This library is currently compatible with 3dstudio VIZ3, Autodesk VIZ4, and 3dstudio max version 3, 4 and 5 and requires an ArchVision 3.x or higher RPC Plug-in.

URL: http://www.archvision.com/RPCParkingLotCars.cfm

225.17 MaxBustion Training

Oregon3D Inc will hold a "MaxBustion" class on April 21-24, 2003. This four-day class emphasizes the combined use of Discreet 3ds max and combustion software for an integrated 2D and 3D production pipeline. Additionally, the MaxBustion class focuses on using 3ds max to generate footage for the tracking and particle tools in combustion. The Backburner network rendering system will also be discussed. Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring footage and/or project of their own and should already have a fundamental knowledge of Discreet's 3ds max prior to this training session.

URL: http://www.oregon3d.com

225.18 Coming Soon: New Version of Automatic Tracking Software

REALVIZ has been unveiling the latest platform for their automatic tracking software, MatchMover Professional. Version 3.0 of MatchMover Professional is scheduled for release later this year. REALVIZ MatchMover Professional can automatically track 3D camera data and motion from videos and film sequences, whilst offering users the ability to move back and forth between Automatic and Manual processes, with no interruption of workflow.

URL: http://www.realviz.com/products/mpro/

225.19 3D Assistants EZ for Adobe After Effects

Digital Anarchy has announced 3D Assistants EZ for Adobe After Effects. Based on the 3D Assistants Pro package, the EZ version is a collection of six keyframe assistants that enable users to manipulate, animate and arrange layers in 3D space. The 3D Assistants EZ includes many of the functions of the Pro package and offers an affordable and intuitive way to use 3D within Adobe After Effects.

URL: http://www.digitalanarchy.com

225.20 Rapid Prototyping Service Bureaus

Xpress3D Inc, an overnight rapid prototyping (RP) company, has expanded its offering by forming partnerships with other Rapid Prototyping Service Bureaus to create an online marketplace for "Instant Competitive Quotes". Users of Xpress3D, whether on the Web or directly from their CAD system, can now instantly view price quotes from multiple providers. Xpress3D users can receive prototypes of models designed in any major 3D CAD solution including Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, CATIA, Pro/E, Rhino, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, and more. Users export STL files and Xpress3D's online interface takes care of the rest. Inventor and SolidWorks users can also download the Xpress3D add-in, giving them instant access to quotes while still in the CAD system.

URL: http://www.xpress3D.com

225.21 Structural Optimization Software

Altair Engineering, a product design consulting, engineering simulation software company, has become a Spatial Component Application Architecture (CAA) V5 Adopter and will develop direct integration to their OptiStruct structural optimization software to complement the CATIA solution offered by Dassault Systèmes. Altair OptiStruct is finite-element based structural analysis and optimization software for conceptual design and design refinement. OptiStruct's topology, topography, shape and size optimization capabilities can be used to design and optimize structures to reduce weight and tune performance. OptiStruct supports a standard library of elements and a wide range of loading and constraint types for complete structural modeling and event representation.

URL: http://www.altair.com
URL: http://www.spatial.com

225.22 InterSense & Eon Reality

EON Reality Inc and InterSense Inc have formed a strategic partnership to provide an integrated platform for developers of tracked immersive and interactive visualization solutions. EON's software solution is helping companies such as Office Depot, Suzuki, Dell, Honeywell and Pennzoil to increase sales, communicate product functionality more effectively and decrease the cost of service, training and technical support. To address the increased global demand for tracked, immersive 3D content interaction with their clients, EON's product line now fully supports all tracking technology offered by InterSense.

URL: http://www.eonreality.com
URL: http://www.isense.com

225.23 2,000 Packages of Geomagic Studio 5 & Qualify 5 Shipped

Raindrop Geomagic has shipped more than 2,000 packages of its Geomagic Studio 5 reverse engineering software and Geomagic Qualify 5 computer-aided inspection (CAI) software in the two months since the products were released. Geomagic software processes scan data from a physical part to generate highly accurate polygon and parametric surface models. It enables manufacturers to move easily between the physical part or mold and its digital model, resulting in greater speed, accuracy and reliability. Geomagic Qualify 5 contains significant improvements since its inception in 2001. It now offers critical features requested by many automotive and mold-makers, such as datum- and feature-based alignment, sheet-metal inspection, spring-back analysis, 3D dimensioning, and geometric dimensioning and tolerance (GD&T) reporting. Geomagic Qualify 5 works effectively with both dense data from non-contact scanners and critical points from CMM output.

URL: http://www.geomagic.com

225.24 E&S to Cut Staff

Evans & Sutherland is to cut staff and record a related charge in the first quarter. The company may need to reduce inventory and other assets related to older lines. The company plans to reduce its total employment, which is currently at about 500, to "a level appropriate for the product mix in the future."

225.25 Superscape Losses & Lower Turnover

Superscape turnover for the year ended 31 January 2003 was to £1.4m (2002: £1.9m) and the loss before taxation for the same period amounted to £9.2m (2002: £9.6m). The reduced turnover is attributed to a move from low margin projects based business to licence fees and royalties, associated with the company's wireless business model. At the end of the period the Group had net cash balances and short-term deposits totalling £9.3m (2002: £11.3m).

225.26 VIZTEK: Mr Thomas Stasik

VIZTEK Inc, suppliers of VR large-scale immersive displays, has recruited Mr Thomas Stasik as Vice President of Sales. Mr Stasik is a co-founder of InViscon, a developer of interactive product content management solutions.

URL: http://www.viz-tek.com

225.27 VRCO: Mike Grow Joins as Jim Costigan Leaves

Mr Mike Grow has joined the senior management team of VRCO Inc as Vice President. Mr Grow will plan and direct the daily and strategic financial operations of the Company and, together with other senior management, will implement the company's strategic plan. Prior to joining VRCO, he spent twenty-five years in the investment and commercial banking industry, followed by a career as an executive in the commercial software development industry. In other company news, Jim Costigan has left the company effective March 25, 2003, to pursue other interests.

URL: http://www.vrco.com

225.28 New Business Unit Led by Jonathan Cobb

Stratasys Inc has established the Dimension 3D Printing Group as a new business unit. The new group will be led by Jonathan Cobb, vice president and general manager of 3D printing for the company. Dimension is a desktop 3D printer that sells for less than $30,000 and produces functional 3D models directly from CAD systems.

URL: http://www.dimensionprinting.com
URL: http://www.stratasys.com

225.29 Khronos Group Membership Swells

Falanx; MEI/Panasonic, Neomagic, Sanshin and Swell Software have joined as Contributing Members of the Khronos Group. Khronos Members recognize that in order to deliver cutting-edge 3D applications; the authoring and deployment of the rich media that represents both sides of the graphics API equation needs to be developed synergistically. Working together; each Member participates in either one or both Khronos Work Groups in the development of OpenGL ES and OpenML; royalty-free, open standard APIs that enable authoring and playback of dynamic media on a huge range of platforms and devices. The OpenML 1.0 specification was completed in 2001 and can be used, royalty free, by any adopting company that desires to integrate OpenML functionality into hardware or software products. The next-generation OpenML 1.1 specification will incorporate new features and services to further enhance dynamic media authoring.

URL: http://www.khronos.org

225.30 Worth Watching: Holographic Data Storage

At the NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference Bill Wilson, InPhase Technologies' chief scientist presented a paper asserting that the gains made in holographic data storage will, in the next 3-5 years, enable broadcast and production professionals to capture, edit, duplicate, and archive video on removable media that has a 100-year life cycle with no degradation and no piracy issues. He detailed the overall value of holographic data storage and its various characteristics for integration into new hybrid products, such as disk cameras, as well as the workflow issues associated with the first ideal optical medium for HDTV.

225.31 Worth Watching: Kent State University & HP Trading Floor

No mention of 3D yet, but Kent State University has opened its Financial Engineering Trading Floor which is designed to give business students hands-on experience in risk management and derivatives trading by replicating trading floor conditions. Housed within the university's College of Business Administration, the trading floor has 30 HP Workstations xw6000 with dual TFT 1825 flat panel monitors, each equipped with live exchange data feeds to the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, BrokerTec, the Singapore Exchange, Tokyo Grain Exchange and Eurex, an international exchange in Frankfurt. The facility also includes 10 HP ProLiant DL360 servers and 10 HP ProLiant DL380 servers that support high-speed data connections.

URL: http://www.hp.com

225.32 Technology and Professional Solutions for the Creative Arts

IDG World Expo and Apple have announced CREATE, an industry event which will focus on technology and professional solutions for the creative arts, including design and publishing, video and music. To be held July 14-18, 2003 at New York's Javits Center, CREATE will offer "an agenda full of the creative community's best practices, including new insights from cutting-edge artists in a wide spectrum of disciplines." CREATE is an event for filmmakers, directors, graphic designers, broadcast journalists, publishers, musicians, music executives, producers and others driven by a desire to learn the latest creative techniques and to exchange new ideas with their peers. CREATE's conference program is designed for beginners and experts, professionals and consumers -- all those who want to immerse themselves in creative arts.

URL: http://www.idgworldexpo.com

225.00 Events & Calls for Papers

For details of the following events, see: http://www.VREfresh.com

April 27-30: 2003 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics: California, USA
May 7-9: Casa'2003, New Jersey, USA
May 13-18: Laval Virtual Reality International Conference, Laval, France
May 18-22: 2003 Bentley International User Conference, Maryland, USA
May 22-23: Joint IPT/EGVE '03 Workshop, Zurich, Switzerland
June 3-5: EurographicsUK 2003, Birmingham, England
June 30: Closing Date for Papers for VSMM2003
July 10-11: Vision, Video and Graphics 2003, Bath, UK
July 14-18: CREATE, New York, USA
July 27 - 31: Siggraph 2003, San Diego, California, USA
September 1-6: Eurographics 2003, Granada, Spain
October 15/17: VSMM 2003, Montreal, Canada

For extensive information about events relevant to the European VR/i3D community, see the events pages on El.pub: for Europe: base05.htm, for the rest of the world: connone.htm

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