El.pub Reader Survey

We run a regular survey of user views of the information service to help develop the content and meet the needs of our readers. The last survey was conducted in April 2000 and since then we have introduced a number of new features.

To ensure that we take your views into account in future development, we would be grateful if you would take the time to answer just 10 questions and add any other suggestions you may have. Your input is a vital ingredient in making the service successful. The results will be published on the web site, as with previous surveys.

Although some questions are the same as those in the earlier surveys to enable us to see how the readership is changing, there are also new questions to help us develop the services.

If you'd like to express your views more fully, then please use the additional comments section below or send an email to: ieweb@ketlux.demon.co.uk. The survey will be open until the end of January.

We look forward to receiving your comments. Thank you for participating.

Best ---> David Hitchcock EPIFOCAL Project Team

Please note: the information submitted will be used solely to help the editors to improve the El.pub information services. Only aggregate results are published.

1. What screen resolution do you use for viewing the web?

640 x 480

800 x 600

1024 x 768

Don't know

Other, please specify

2. What is the principal activity of the organisation you work for?



Information industry

Computer industry

Entertainment industry

Other commercial



Home user

Other, please specify

3. Where are you now?

4. Are you a participant in a European Commission funded R&D project?

Yes No

5. Which sections of the web site / information service do you find useful?

Please tick all that apply

News pages

Event lists

Topic information

Project information

Product information

Association information

E-journal information

Analytic section (three editions so far)

Virtual reality section

Educational publishing section

GI systems section

Creative technology section

News archives

Resource and download pages

Translation service

Search engine

Other, please specify

6. How often do you visit the El.pub web site?

7. Do you receive the El.pub Weekly e-mail newsletter

Yes No Don't know

8. How did you discover the web site?

From a friend or colleague

From a search engine

From a link on another web site

Don't know

Other, please specify

9. Would you like to see a new section with information on European project funding opportunities for electronic publishing?

Yes No

10. The web site provides mainly annotated links to electronic publishing news and resources on other web sites rather than providing original material. Do you think the site should provide more editorial material / analysis or only annotated links?

11. Do you have any other comments on the service?

your questionnaire now

the questionnaire

Thank you for filling-in the questionnaire.

The results will be published on El.pub in about six weeks time

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