GInsight : vol 12, Thursday January 17th 2001


12.1 The Palestine Finland Land Management Project aims to improve land registration conditions in Palestine. Soil and Water Ltd. has been working in the pilot area, in Gaza, since March 1998. The project is funded by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

12. 2 . Oracle Open World - Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions, a division of Intergraph Corporation, today introduced long term transaction (LTT) workflows capability for GeoMedia. and Oracle8i with a new industry product, GeoMedia Transaction Manager  that supports the capture and maintenance of geospatial data in a multi-user environment.

12.3 ESRI has joined forces with Sun Microsystems to develop a first of its kind Web portal providing users with a central Web location for accessing a treasure trove of information about location services. The Java Location Services Web site has been re-launched to promote the importance of Java and GIS technologies as foundations to successful location services.

12.4 ArcView GIS is on US television television on The District, CBS's new crime drama. . The District is based on the experiences of real-life law enforcement hero Jack Maple, who is the show's top law enforcement consultant, and follows a fictional renegade police commissioner and his staff as they work to reduce crime in the nation's capital.

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12.5 Since 1985 there have been over 38,000 bird-aircraft strikes recorded by the United States Air Force (USAF) that killed 33 aviators, destroyed 30 aircraft, and caused more than $500 million dollars worth of equipment damage. The United States Bird Avoidance Model (USBAM) program objective was to develop a predictive bird avoidance model using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology as a key tool for analysis and correlation of bird habitat, migration, and breeding characteristics, combined with key environmental, and man-made geospatial data.

12.6 STM makes accurate presentation quality  3-Dimensional terrain models

12.7 For at least the past two years, Mount Lewis in the Shoshone Range of northern Nevada has been moving toward Mineral Hill, an old mining district in the Sulfur Springs Range. Between these two points lies the Crescent Valley fault. A Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver planted in each spot shows the peaks are moving toward each other, and toward the fault, at 2 millimeters per year.

12.8 Looking for a new job? These sites might be able to help you: , and 

Theme: Learning and Demonstration of GIS

12.9 Here are some good demonstrations to show the "GIS Illiterate": This one shows how the British National Grid works, but it is the same for other maps. Thisone gives a very basic introduction to GIS,

12.10 There is some GIS dictionaries out there, is one of them with a comprehensive list of words.

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Stuck doing some GIS operation? Ever tried newsgroups? Open MS Outlook Express or some other news client and try these newsgroups. 


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Insight : vol 11, Monday October 23rd 2000 

11.1 CompleTel Germany Selects Intergraph for Outside Plant The Intergraph geospatial solution will provide a seamless end-to-end network model, enabling CompleTel to view their entire international fiber


11.2 MapInfo Anticipates Record Q4 and Year-End Results  While many tech stocks are barely making their numbers, MapInfo says it will beat the street.


11.3 Bonita's ToGo In-Vehicle Solutions allows car manufacturers to remotely release and update new applications wirelessly to the vehicle, and allows occupants to download customizable application sets. This includes everything from map delivery to engine monitoring.


11.4 Wirenix will utilize Kivera's location server technology to power VoLocator, a newly released, speech-enabled application that delivers location information and driving directions via a voice interface.


11.5 FlashPoint's Digita OS Powers MediaMapper GPS Solution allows Red Hen Systems MediaMapper to capture images AND their latitude, longitude and altitude.


11.6 GIS enterprise technology from IBM will include DB2 Universal Database with Spatial Extender, WebSphere, operating on IBM equipment, integrated by IBM professional services. ESRI will promote IBM as a leading solution provider for Enterprise GIS. In return IBM Global Services will establish a Global GIS Consulting Practice.


11.7 Landplan, available in 1:5,000 and 1:10,000 scale plots, is the first map to be digitally created from a range of Ordnance Survey databases. Users can request custom maps from the database.


11.8 On-line demonstrations  illustrate off-board navigation and an Internet information news feed, in conjunction with an Auto PC in-vehicle computer, a WAP browser on a cellular telephone and a voice portal for internet access  in cars.


GInsight : vol 10, Monday October 6th 2000 

10.1 DAT/EM Systems International, a developer of photogrammetric software and hardware solutions, has joined the GeoToolBox Team. GeoToolBox, which was introduced at the ISPRS 2000 Conference in Amsterdam, is a constructive cooperation between several small yet leading technology providers. Two main players in the development of this cooperation were inpho GmbH, makers of MATCH-T and other software, and DAT/EM Systems International. Other partners in the GeoToolBox Team include: Xposition Oy, Vexcel Imaging Austria, Stellacore Corporation, and SensorVision. 

10.2 The  Intergraph Corporation and Intergraph Germany have announced that WINGAS GmbH, headquartered in Kassel, Germany, and a joint venture of Wintershall AG and the Russian OAO Gazprom, has selected Intergraph's G/Pipeline solution as the GIS hub of an enterprise-wide Geospatial Resource Management (GRM) system. G/Pipeline will provide the powerful facility information management, analysis, and viewing capabilities needed to support the company's expansion in response to Europe's increasing demand for natural gas. 

10.3 The Intergraph Corporation  announced that Intergraph South East Asia has been selected by the Water Department of the Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Singapore, the sole supplier of water to 3.9 million residents, to provide its next-generation AM/FM/GIS as the core of a comprehensive Geospatial Resource Management system 

10.4 CADTEL Systems, Inc., a  software developer for AM/FM and GIS applications has formed a strategic partnership with Autodesk  to address the facility and outside plant management needs of the telecommunications industry. Kanotech Information Systems Ltd. is the first company to enter the Autodesk Strategic Partner Program serving the local government industry.

10.5 A useful review of GPS technology can be found at

10.6 Smallworld , a  provider of network software products, and Objective Systems Integrators , a  provider of software solutions for unified network, service, application, and process management, have announced a global agreement to jointly market the two companies’ software solutions. Smallworld and Objective Systems Integrators will offer communications service providers  service, network, and process management solutions. 

10.7 Main Course Technologies (MCT), a developer of wireless, Web-based applications, and Nextcell, Inc., the wireless data solutions company, have signed a letter of intent outlining their plans to combine MCT's innovative Global Positioning Systems (GPS) applications with Nextcell's third generation cellular digital packet data (CDPD) technologies. The partnership facilitates a means of providing cross-platform GPS-based vehicle tracking via the Internet. Nextcell's Spider MT, an in-vehicle GPS/CDPD transceiver, will transmit coordinates to MCT's PortaTrack(TM) system, which will allow subscribers to find a vehicle's location, speed, and direction of travel utilizing any Web-ready device. 

10.8 The MapInfo Corporation  announced it has received validation to run its e-location applications on the Oracle8i Appliance. MapInfo will offer a bundled e-location suite of its core technology to enable enterprise customers to customize location-based solutions to be seamlessly integrated, pre-installed and pre-configured for the Oracle8i Appliance.

GInsight : vol 9, Monday September 11th 2000

9.1 A web-based gateway for geodata is being launched in Britain. The service is called Data Integrator and is part of the NGDF's askGIraffe Web site. Phase One of the project is due to go live by the end of September 2000 and will provide basic data linkages:

9.2 Etak is leading a real-time traffic information pilot scheme in London. Other partners involved in the project include The Digital Map Company Ltd, a publisher of maps for mobile information systems, CUE Corporation, the US broadcast services provider, and Metro Networks, which supplies UK radio and television stations with traffic and travel information. The pilot scheme involves the transmission of 'live' traffic information to a range of in-car navigation :

9.3, a UK -based provider of Internet mapping has launched the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) phone-based 'Store Finder' location service for multi-outlet businesses:

9.4 ESRI has launched of the Geography Network, a collaborative and multi-participant system for  publishing, sharing, and using digital geographic information on the Internet:

9.5 General Electric announced an offer to acquire Smallworld and integrate it into GE's Power Systems Division. Terms of the offer are $20 per share, which places the value of the transaction at approximately $210 million. The offer has been accepted unanimously by the Board of Directors of Smallworld:

9.6 Explore virtual cities on the web at

9.7 The Sydney Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) incorporated Earth Resource Mapping's ER Mapper and Image Web Server products to manage traffic during the Olympic Games this September. The technology enables the RTA to monitor traffic incidents in real-time. The Transport Management Centre (TMC) will be the operational center of the Olympic transport effort.   Traffic management is a major concern during the Olympics. Decisions need to be made in based on the location of a traffic incident. The RTA analyzes each situation and disseminates information to the general public to prevent congestion on roads.

GInsight : vol 8, Monday July 17th 2000

8.1 The Portuguese lead Europe in access to data for the citizen. Visit the National Spatial Data Infrastructure at

8.2 Do you want to be better informed about what is going on in your industry sector? Search directions magazine database for sector specific developments.

8.3 Erdas MapSheets Express is the FREE viewing and mapping tool from ERDAS, for working with imagery and vector map data.

8.4 GEO'corder on Psion
Uses a miniature Global Positioning System to geographically locate inventory such as municipal structures, vegetation, geographic features etc.

8.5 Trafficmaster : digital traffic information across Europe. Investigate their products on this site

8.6 The Global Spatial Data Initiative (GSDI) - linking national and regional spatial data infrastructures to co-ordinate the use of spatial data and related activities.

8.7 The Ultimate Technology DirectoryTM incorporating GIS

8.8 What do you understand by "telematics"? Follow the discussions at directions magazine

GInsight : vol 7, Tuesday June 27th 2000

GInsight is a bulletin of Geographic Information interest items...

7.1 GINews: Latest UK based magazine on Geographic Information

7.2 An demo mobile phone WAP service on the internet allows you to find the details and opening times for libraries.

7.3 VRML Extension: GeoVRML 1.0 SRI International has announced GeoVRML 1.0, a new standard in web-based 3D viewing technology. GeoVRML 1.0 is an extension of VRML and is offered as an open-source solution and is freely available at

7.4 SICAD Opengis Light Viewer - interactive mapping of Luxembourg

7.5 For the first time in its 23 year history, The Harlow Report-Geographic Information Systems is available online.

7.6 Directions Magazine is now monitoring 13 on-line lists. This week's most active: MapInfo-L 176 messages ArcView-L 104 messages, ERDAS-L 91 messages, ESRI-L 67 messages, ArcView (Huber) 74 messages

7.7 This Geography Network provides you immediate access to the latest maps, data, and related services and enables you to discover this content and share your own.

7.8 was established in November 1998 as the 'Millennium Mapping Company' specifically to produce and market the first complete, full-colour, digital, aerial photographic map of the UK

GInsight : vol 6, Monday June 12th 2000

GInsight is a bulletin of Geographic Information interest items...

6.1 Spatial News – an article on Metadata in the US

6.2 The largest FREE geo-spatial data repository on the web

6.3 Spatially enabled IBM’s DB2 for GIS, case study

6.4 Visit the Australian Mapping agency website

6.5 Matra Systemes and Information - acquisition and processing of geoinformation

6.6 The world's first provider of real-time traffic information, maps, and navigation services on internet mobile phones

6.7 Mapping and 3-D city models from

6.8 Digital Earth - the U.S. initiative for global access to data and products

6.9 The 6th EC GI & GIS Workshop, 28-30 June 2000, Lyon, France,

6.10 UDMS 2000 : 22nd URBAN and REGIONAL DATA MANAGEMENT SYMPOSIUM September 11-15, 2000 Congress Centre Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands or UDMS, the Urban Data Management Society, organises international symposia at various locations in Europe in order to promote the development of information systems in local government.

GInsight : vol 5, Friday June 2 2000

5.1 Ordnance Survey find a new Director General

5.2 Books on Geographic Information Systems at and

5.3 Worldwide mapping from

5.4 Industry specific flavours of XML are appearing everywhere. Geography MarkUp Language (GML) will be a core enabling technology in GeoInformation. The opengis specification is available

5.5 LandXML is being developed for Geographic data used specifically in Land Management.

5.6 Find the data you need from these data sites

5.7 Catalist has created an original database of petrol stations, find out about the database and applications at

5.8 Information Systems from McDonald Dettweiler

5.9 This weeks chosen industry sector - petroleum GIS in Geology

GInsight : vol 4, Thursday May 25 2000

4.1 Going to Paris? Plan your moves door to door for all modes of transport, on this excellent site (in French)

4.2 Progis (Austria) hold an exclusive distributorship with the Russian military cartographic institute for 1 and 2 meter resolution satellite images

4.3 Dresden city council have implemented an superb internet mapping display allowing you to zoom in on aerial photos and street plans.

4.4 Implementing Spatial Data in your business, an article by consultant Michael Gonzales

4.5 Ever needed to produce a grasshopper forecast for Wyoming? No? Many other maps available at

4.6 Study 'Geographical Information and Product Management' in Villach/Austria. Course begins autumn 2000. More information can be found either on or on

4.7 Metadata will be an essential requirement for mapping. An innovative project from the European Commission  

4.8 is the focus for all European Commission funded GIS projects in Europe.

GInsight : vol3 16/5/2000

3.1 This weeks hot topic : Mobile Mapping... View geographic maps on your Psion

3.2 ArcPad ArcPad software is an easy-to-use, lightweight, low-cost solution for mobile mapping and geographic information systems (GISs). ArcPad enhances portable touch screen computers with intuitive mapping, GIS, and GPS functionality. ArcPad makes field data collection fast and easy, improves data accuracy, and provides immediate data availability and validation.

3.3 PalmTop Software is the world's premier software developer for Palm TM connected organisers, Windows® CE machines, EPOC TM computers and compatible devices. PalmTop Software already provides route planners (the best selling product for handheld devices), dictionaries, personal finance management and Halliwell's Film & Video Guide. ·

3.4 Internet mapping... · Digital Atlas of Styria ·

3.5 Maine on the web

3.6 Going somewhere in Europe? Use to locate the address.

3.7 Building maps in VRML

GInsight : Issue number 2, 5/5/00

2.1 OPENGIS WEB MAP OVERLAY SPECIFICATION RELEASED. On April 19 the Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC) made the new OpenGIS (TM) Web Map Server Interface Implementation Specification available Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of digital maps and earth images will suddenly become an integral part of the Information Infrastructure. Software with interfaces conforming to this specification will enable automatic overlay, in ordinary web browsers, of map images obtained from multiple dissimilar map servers. This enables creation of "spatial search engines" for which data providers have provided "metadata". The new specification will boost the utility and commercial value of location-aware, Internet-connected cell phones, laptops, and car computers. Major software vendors, principal members of OGC and leaders in geoprocessing, expressed their support.

2.2 NetGraph to Integrate Automatic Schematic Generation Software with ArcInfo 8 Platform ESRI has entered into an agreement with NetGraph Information Technology of Paris, France, to integrate NetGraph's automated schematic generation software with ESRI's ArcInfo geographic information system platform. Says Patrick Dolemieux, CEO of NetGraph, "This opens up a huge worldwide market for our technology."

2.3 Visit the ESRI campus for free courses

2.4 Intergraph Corporation announced that it is teaming with RTSe to provide the company's industry-leading geospatial metadata tool, Spatial Metadata Management System (SMMS), to Intergraph's GeoMedia (R) customers worldwide. Developed by RTSe, SMMS for GeoMedia integrates spatial metadata capabilities within GeoMedia. The product allows customers to capture metadata elements quickly and directly from spatial data maintained in disparate sources within an organization

2.5 Have you considered the GI market in India? Find out about fascinating projects and opportunities. Subscribe to

2.6 April 18, 2000. The Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC) today released a Request For Quotation (RFQ) to solicit technology proposals for the OGC Geospatial Fusion Services Testbed. OGC, in collaboration with In-Q-Tel (, will provide cost-sharing funds to partially offset expenses associated with the project. OGC seeks as many participants as possible who can enhance and/or make use of the GFS Testbed. The OGC RFQ and Call for Participation are available online at

2.7  GRASS GIS (Geographical Resources Analysis Support System) is a FREE Geographical Information System (GIS) with raster, topological vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality that operates in the UNIX environment through a graphical user interface and shell in X-Windows. It is released under GNU GPL.

GInsight : Issue number 1, 14/4/00

1.1 Ecommerce comes to UK land ownership. Contracts to be awarded under the NLIS (National Land Information Service) for an e-commerce portal involving HM Land Registry and IDeA (representing local government) to provide a service allowing access to a large number of spatial datasets held in the public sector. see also

1.2 Danes join Eurogi

1.3 Autodesk develops LandXML

1.4 New system from GGP to manage land and property assets

1.5 New Land and Property database from plantech

1.6 ESRI announces ArcEurope BaseMap and Demographics data and base map product for Europe.

1.7 Blue Marble data translator available as networked version

1.8 Easy map - the easiest way to display a location in the UK

1.9 IGN using LAMPS2 for map design and "generalisation"

1.0 Pan-European dataset from Capscan and Uniserv

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