"Designing successful Web sites: quality and usability

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A meeting organised by IESERV (the authors of this site) for the European Commission's Information Engineering Sector

The agenda of the meeting follows, where possible we have added links to the speakers' slide presentations or notes. These can be viewed on the Web now, and or can be downloaded as PC zipped Powerpoint files for viewing in Powerpoint.

Aims of the meeting

Over 150 people attended this open concertation meeting arranged by IESERV which was held on Monday, 16th June 1997, DTI Conference Centre, London, UK.

Key aims were to provide insights and guidance on the issues of quality and usability during the design of sites for the World Wide Web (WWW). The invited speakers addressed a range of issues relating to the WWW and Web site design.


  • Opening remarks - European Commission
  • Welcome - Department of Trade and Industry
  • Whitewater rafting on the Web - Greg Garrison, Reuters
  • On the front line, the BBC Web site - Gee-Kay Wong, BBC
  • Digital media: old wine in new bottles? - Tom Stewart, System Concepts
  • World Wide What? - Neil Sandford, Coordinator, UK Multimedia SIG
  • Graphic design on the Web - Phil Jones and Peter Pederson, Real Time Studios
  • Optimising for performance: now and next year - Peter Flynn, University College Cork
  • User centred Web design - Nigel Bevan, National Physical Laboratory
  • Analytical evaluation of Web sites - Elke-Maria Melchior, Acit
  • Assessing user opinions of Web site use - Jurek Kirakowski, Human Factors Research Group
  • Methods for design and evaluation - Richard Whitehand, Nomos Management
  • Panel discussion
  • Download

    Download PC zipped Powerpoint presentations (2,984 KB) from ftp://ftp.pira.co.uk/users/ket/public/webuse.zip.

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