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El.pub Analytic No. 2
"XML, .NET and distributed applications"

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Contents: Introduction of .NET | XML joins the fun | Too many tag sets? Too much data? | ASP and peer-to-peer too | Does it all stand up?

Does it all stand up?

Are these views incompatible? I don't believe they are. Rather, they are complementary. The ASP and .NET view is ideal for most public applications and certainly for applications that access and process public information from the Web. Whether organisations and individuals will want to store their private information in central servers remains to be seen, and therefore the place of applications that combine private and public information is uncertain. Perhaps applications will develop that are partly on local computers and partly ASP. On the other hand, peer-to-peer computing is suited to secure applications running for the benefit of closed user groups.

Many such peer-to-peer applications need to run across a variety of platforms and XML could well provide the interoperability needed in that environment as well as .NET. One could imagine resource sharing systems, based on the baby-sitting ring economic model. The future of XML looks assured whichever way the overall platform develops.

As long as we don't get too many competing tag sets that is - I can't help remembering the US Navy experience with its DTDs - 800+ independently developed in six months was it, rather than the single unifying one expected?

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