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Digital content RTD perspectives - knowledge management - El.pub Analytic No. 9

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  Introduction | KM development | KM in practice | Implications for RTD - measurement and focus | Implications for RTD - technology | Conclusion | Comment on this issue | Annex: Knowledge management


KM cannot be seen as simply a new layer of technology. The aims of RTD in the KM area need to be clear and the place of technology should then be evident. Measurement is a key area in validating KM methods and outcomes. The problems that the software community have had in measurement (or even deciding what is being measured) and in turning 'know how' into practice should be a warning of the difficulties.

In the article we have shied away from listing technologies that might offer panaceas; rather we have tried to point to the early stage we are at in understanding KM and its problems. The approach we propose is to concentrate on practical steps to illuminate the KM process - improving knowledge sharing - through focussed trials and informed evaluation. Within this framework there is no doubt that there will be plenty of opportunity for experimenting with highly technical methods, but proposing them as 'solutions' seems premature, when the goals are so ill-defined.

'Best practice' would be a place to start looking for a formalisation of KM that will spotlight the problems that we face in making this major shift in the way we operate as organisations that learn from experience.

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