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Creative technology - RTD problems and opportunities

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The creative economy
RTD and creative technology
Creative technology as an IT market driver
RTD problems and projects
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The creative sector is a major part of advanced economies. It is increasingly dependent on cutting edge technologies in creation and production, as well as in distribution and presentation. The nature of the creative process and the work methods used, make it difficult to fund necessary RTD with the current approach of government funding programmes. What is required is some creative thinking on the part of the programme designers to enable creative technology workers to access funding to keep the sector performing successfully at the international level. Unfortunately the distributors of creative products are more interested at the moment in RTD for the technical protection of the IPR they own, rather than for the creation of new products. RTD is needed in both areas; there is little point in locking an empty chest.

Europe prides itself on its cultural heritage and the accessibility of it to tourists. It is worth remembering that much of cultural heritage is the work of creative technologists of the past, men like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Wren.

"Creativity isn't the monopoly of artists. This is the crucial fact I've come to realise, and this broader concept of creativity is my concept of art. When I say everybody is an artist, I mean everybody can determine the content of life in his particular sphere, whether in painting, music, engineering, caring for the sick, the economy or whatever. All around us the fundamentals of life are crying out to be shaped or created. But our idea of culture is severely restricted because we've always applied it to art. ... Our concept of art must be universal and have the interdisciplinary nature of a university, and there must be a university department with a new concept of art and science." Joseph Beuys, artist, 1979.

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