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New streaming media platform
Web caching
Songwriters in the new millenium
Real wireless mobility ...
...at a coffee house near you
Pisa follow up Metro-Core project
After videoconferencing, teleportation!
ContentGuard awarded DR patent
New DivX MPEG-4 codec
Internet on a watch
XML case study
More on the deep web and searching
CT site of the week
Wireless content tool

New streaming media platform

The MediaPearls platform uses sophisticated media player personalization technologies that enable rich, multi-media content to be produced for RealNetworks, Microsoft, and Apple QuickTime formats in a single step using HTML and XML, and to integrate that content into an organization's enterprise for more cohesive Web management. Synchronized media combines the power of streaming media with the interactivity of the Web. It takes a video or audio stream and delivers other content like slides or images at designated times. 3/8/01

URL: http://www.mediapearls.com/

Web caching

"Web caching is the temporary storage of web objects (such as HTML documents) for later retrieval. There are three significant advantages to web caching: reduced bandwidth consumption (fewer requests and responses that need to go over the network), reduced server load (fewer requests for a server to handle), and reduced latency (since responses for cached requests are available immediately, and closer to the client being served). " so says Brian D. Davison's Web Caching and Content Delivery Resources web site. The site includes notes on research in this area, links to US and European research projects, product information and discussion groups. 3/8/01

URL: http://www.web-caching.com/

Songwriters in the New Millennium

Songwriters in the New Millennium is a report series fromTag It, an e-publishing consultancy, based on an online survey conducted this past spring of songwriters on their perceptions of the organizations and activities that have traditionally supported them. The reports feature contributions by leading members of the community who have dedicated their careers to working with songwriters and the craft. The authors of the report discuss songwriters' engagement with, perceptions and expectations of the music industry and the implications for organizations serving songwriters and the community. Free download from the MusicDish web site. 3/8/01

URL: http://www.musicdish.com/survey/songwriter/

Real wireless mobility ...

More evidence that laptops accessing the Internet via 802.11b wireless may be the real future of mobile computing comes with the announcement of a new ThinkPad laptop from IBM, the T23. The T23 is the first notebook computer to offer a powerful security chip subsystem that helps enhance authentication, strengthen access control and protect information. The IBM Embedded Security Subsystem offers Smart Card-like features at a fraction of the cost and supports industry standards. Unique to the industry, the embedded security subsystem -- combined with Virtual Private Networking technology -- helps offer ThinkPad users more secure 802.11b communication using standard tools and technology. Wireless security tools based on the 802.11b standard are significantly augmented when using VPN. Select models of the T23 feature a dual antenna system built into the display cover for increased signal strength, allowing individuals to move around while they stay connected to an existing wireless network. The 802.11b radio is fully integrated into the T23 via mini-PCI so users no longer need a PC Card and cumbersome "bump'' antenna for wireless LAN applications. 3/8/01

URL: http://www.ibm.com/news/2001/07/301.phtml

... at a coffee house near you

... and in a related news item, the roll-out is announced of 802.11b broadband in the US at airports, airline clubs, hotels, restaurants, conference centers and, soon, at Starbucks coffeeshop locations nationwide. The service is run by Mobilestar and lets people with Wi-Fi or OpenAir enabled laptops to connect to the Internet or their corporate intranet at near T1 speeds. As the web site says, "Simply take your laptop or handheld device that is wirelessly enabled to one of the hundreds of locations listed below. Get settled in your favorite chair with your favorite drink and launch your browser!". 3/8/01

URL: http://www.mobilestar.com/starbucks_update.asp

Pisa follow-up Metro-Core project

Marconi, CNIT and the University of Pisa are to follow-up the EU funded project Metro-core (Metropolitan Core optical ring experiment) with a plan is turn the study into a realisation of one of the most advanced transmission networks in the world. The system will create a new generation of the Internet that will allow the movement of all types of integrated multimedia content in the Pisa area. 3/8/01

URL: http://www.gigaport.it/

After videoconferencing - teleportation!

Teleportation has been developed by European company Teleportec with software partners KMA Interactive Media. Digital teleportation is the transmission of a life-size image of a person to appear within a room at a distant location where the person has a telepresence for engaging in natural face to face communication with the people at the distant location. With video conferencing people feel uncomfortable by being on camera and feel disconnected from the people shown on the screen. Teleportation gives a sense of presence by achieving eye to eye contact with a distant person who is teleported into the room. Current applications include installations at business conference centres and educational uses. 3/8/01

URL: http://www.teleportec.com/
URL: http://www.kma.co.uk/

ContentGuard awarded US Digital Rights patent

ContentGuard, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive, flexible digital rights management technologies and solutions, has obtained a US patent on "digital tickets". A digital ticket is a code, embedded in a computer or in a plastic card similar to a credit card, that validates whether someone has certain rights to access specific digital content. For example, a person could use a digital ticket stored on a PC or other device to display an image, print a book or play music. When the ticket is presented, it is electronically "punched"' to indicate that a right was used. Digital ticketing also permits the ticket information, including its "punches,'' to always be associated or transported with the content whether the content is e-mailed, downloaded or copied. This allows the content owner to be paid even if copies are made. 3/8/01

URL: http://www.contentguard.com/

New DivX MPEG4 codec

DivX has released a new version (DivX 4.) of their MPEG4 compression and playback system. They claim "This codec is so advanced that it can reduce an MPEG-2 video (the same format used for DVD or Pay-Per-View) to ten percent of its original size. Video on regular VHS tapes can be reduced to about one hundredth of their original size." DivX 4.0 and later is a joint development effort of DivXNetworks with the assistance of the open source community. The open source version of DivX ("OpenDivX") is headquartered at Project Mayo. You may think of Project Mayo as the "alter ego" of DivXNetworks. It is comprised of an enthusiastic community of open source developers, technologists, and videophiles working on DivX. 3/8/01

URL: http://www.divx.com/

Internet on a Watch

Timex have introduced the Internet Messenger Watch. If you visit the web site you can try reading messages on a simulated watch. You can even send your own 100 character message and read it on the watch (and change the time and other watch functions). After trying the simulated watch you can draw your own conclusions as to the viability of such devices. 3/8/01

URL: http://mobile.timex.com/

XML case study

It is important to remember that the underlying justification for SGML and XML has always been to separate content from format and to enable the transfer of that content from one application environment to another. A case study by Gordon Benett in Intranet Journal (An XML Framework for Coordinating Creative and Technical Design) illustrates this in relation to design teams whose members use different tools but need those tools to communicate with each other. Particularly useful for people who don't yet see what XML is actually good for. 3/8/01

URL: http://www.intranetjournal.com/articles/200108/gb_08_01_01a.html

More on the deep web and searching it

The latest edition of the Journal of Electronic Publishing contains an article by M.K.Bergman "The Deep Web: Surfacing Hidden Value" that puts the BrightPlanet research on this issue into an e-publishing perspective. The deep web consists largely of database driven sites that generate pages on the fly in response to queries and thus cannot be easily indexed by traditional search engines. Understanding the problems of search engines in providing good responses to queries is not only important to searchers, but to those who hope to get their pages indexed and retrieved too. Some tips on getting dynamic pages indexed appear on the Spider Food web site. 3/8/01

URL: http://www.press.umich.edu/jep/07-01/bergman.html
URL: http://spider-food.net/dynamic-page-optimization.html

CT site of the week

During the reduced service period this summer, the CT pages are not being updated but some items are appearing in the general news. Enginethree is a New York design house with a movie approach to Flash. Their site has some interesting Flash ideas and their portfolio includes a site for Graffiti artist Zephyr which it states is intended "as a vehicle to present information to universities that are interested in using the work for classes on urban culture". There is also a tutorial by Enginethree on "Creating a video from still images" on the Adobe site - "Engine Three explains how to capture and export frames from Premiere, clean them up in Photoshop, and finally assemble them in LiveMotion. " 3/8/01

URL: http://www.enginethree.com/
URL: http://www.zephyrgraffiti.com/
URL: http://www.adobe.com/web/tips/lvmengine3/main.html

Wireless content tool

Intava has created a tool, Gravity, for generating wireless content in a number of formats. "The market for wireless mobile devices is enormous with over 1 billion devices deployed worldwide by 2003, including numerous and differing global platforms such as WAP and i-Mode mobile phones, Palm, PocketPC and RIM Blackberry devices. There is a clear market need for an easy-to-use application that allows development of content for all of these wireless devices. Device-specific software development kits have attracted some users, but currently force developers to manually create markup source and use non-integrated and inaccurate device simulators, which are hardly state-of-the-art development practices.", they say. A beta test version can be downloaded from their web site. 3/8/01

URL: http://www.intava.com/
URL: http://www.intava.com/products.asp

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We now publish topic news twice a week with a separate page for each week, ensuring that links (particularly from El.pub Weekly) continue to remain current. To view news from other weeks, please use the navigation buttons below.
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