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El.pub Analytic No. 4 "Usability, WAP, wireless and DVD"

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Contents: The problem with WAP is... | Does usability testing hold the answers? | The mobile network - revising the promises | Mobile information services can succeed | Wireless solutions are being adopted | Powerful mobile computing devices hold the key | WAP viability hindered by lack of usability

Wireless solutions are being adopted

There are other wireless applications of course. Broadband can be delivered to the desktop by wireless and in some ways this makes more sense than digging up gardens and footpaths to lay fibre. Wireless is starting to make SOHO and home LANs much easier to run.

Bluetooth will be a success in getting rid of all sorts of wires, that clutter the desktop and floor, as soon as it stops trying to devise more and more complex devices without first marketing the simple ones that it started with (and we all need). ("…the waves of hype that surround Bluetooth have become part of a vicious cycle in which expectations are continually being raised, placing further pressure on developers to deliver, and ultimately causing greater delay than already exists", says a Frost and Sullivan report quoted in WAP Insight ). (see weblink 9)

More importantly, the idea that mobile phones will replace PCs is simply silly. There will certainly be more "Internet enabled phones" than PCs, but they won't be used for "surfing the Net", nor in the medium term for m-commerce (mobile commerce), according to recent research that forecasts that PCs will remain the main instrument for buying on the Net. The current WAP problem is not a shortage of handsets but a lack of takers for the WAP services that they support.

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