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El.pub Analytic No. 4 "Usability, WAP, wireless and DVD"

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Contents: The problem with WAP is... | Does usability testing hold the answers? | The mobile network - revising the promises | Mobile information services can succeed | Wireless solutions are being adopted | Powerful mobile computing devices hold the key | WAP viability hindered by lack of usability

Powerful mobile computing devices hold the key

What is clear, is that PC users would like their machines to be both better in terms of power and screen capability, and at the same time more portable with the ability to communicate from anywhere. The real roadblock for this centres on the battery.

If a laptop with a 15" screen and an 11 Mbs wireless connection could run off two A4s and pick up the connection anywhere, there wouldn't be a market for either phones or palms. Unfortunately battery technology doesn't follow anything like Moore's law and isn't likely to, in the near future. So we shall have a continuing convergence of desktop, laptop, palm and phone for some time.

Power requirements will continue to drop for components and battery technology will slowly improve. We will all pick and choose to meet our own view of the world. The latest proposals for handhelds from Microsoft and Sony certainly support this view of the future.

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