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IP, managing digital rights and content - RTD problems and opportunities - El.pub Analytic No. 10

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The uncertain legal situation of IP
Expanding digital content - growing IP problems
Content ownership versus content consumption
DRM development
Are current fears realistic?
Researching the market not the technology
Content management
CMS and knowledge management
CMS users and personalisation
Requirements for managing knowledge
Directions for CMS RTD
References and further recent information
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The deluge of highly valuable and useful information that is sometimes referred to as "information overload", needs much better management if we are to benefit fully from it. It needs to be integrated into KM systems that meet the immediate needs of the individuals making decisions in all sorts of organisations, both commercial and public. CMS is part of the solution but cannot be tackled in isolation. There is plenty of scope for RTD to initiate a second wave of CMS solutions based on analysis of current shortcomings.

Digital content has raised immense fears amongst IP owners in the entertainment industry and is pushing them to seek extreme solutions from government in the form of new legislation. As these solutions are both untried and could have serious consequences for other industries (that employ more people and generate more revenue than the relevant parts of the entertainment industry) they should and probably will be rejected.

The discussions of DRM tend to be polarised and lack any consumer representation. In any case very little evidence has been provided to show the proposed solutions will work. More imagination is required to find working business models than has so far been shown. It is difficult to see the DRM market developing until the legislative uncertainty has been resolved. Some bold trials of new ideas might help to break the current impasse, particularly ones that look forward a few years to what will probably be a very different infrastructure to today's.

References and further recent information

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These subjects were discussed at the March meeting of EUSIDIC in France and a good set of slides are available at: http://www.eusidic.org/

Economists have rather mixed views about the value of IP protection; a major study has recently been published, written by William Baumol, "The free-market innovation machine. Analysing the growth miracle of capitalism", Princeton University Press.

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